If you are sick of the usual service and architecture you see everytime you travel, the following hotels are a must-try for every curious traveler.

1. Ice hotel - Sweden
You sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a special bed of snow and ice, on reindeer skins. The Icehotel features artwork that is sculpted from massive blocks of ice, harvested from the Torne River towards the end of each winter. These blocks are stored in a giant refrigerated warehouse during the off-season, so as to be immediately available when construction work on the next hotel begins.

2. Tube hotel - Ottensheim, Austria
It offers three 10-ton segments of drainage pipe, each 6.5 feet in diameter for you to stay in. Basically just gigantic concrete cylinders with a hole for air & light and a front door, one of the other ‘features’ is under-bed storage.

3. Canopy tower - on top of Semaphore Hill
Dominating the roof is the 30 foot high dome with an observation deck surrounding it from which you can see the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and the skyline of Panama City.

4.Tree house hotel - outside of Cave Junction, Oregon
Named Out ‘n’ About Treesort & Treehouse Institute. It offers 18 treehouses you probably couldn’t have dreamt up as a child. Many rooms have bathrooms and refrigerators. Some are located at an amazing height of 300 feet. Nothing better for a serene vacation than living it up in the woods.

5. Lighthouse hotel - Harlingen, Netherlands
After climbing the 80 or so steps, you uncover a 3 story luxury haven, providing all-round panoramic views from your bedroom. You would be alone up there because this lighthouse only has one bedroom.

6. Capsule hotel - Hague, Netherlands
Your room is a bright orange survival pod which once saw service on an oil rig platform. It's 4.25 meters in diameter and unaltered apart from the addition of a lock on the outside. Each pod is supposedly enough room for three. Inside you can expect to find sleeping bags and an ‘emergency’ chemical toilet.

Another capsule hotel - Shinjuku area of Tokyo
It allows only men. It cost Y3,800 for the "room" and bath. There are many buttons and knobs in the capsule. One turns on the light and a knob dims the light. One turns on the TV, another button flips through the channels. There is a big red button that costs Y300 to press. That's the porn button. There is a radio and an alarm clock built in. At the end of the capsule there is a screen you can pull down to "lock" yourself in. The entire capsule was about 6 to 6.5 feet long.

7. Under and above water hotel - 1 km out on the lake Malaren
Called the Utter Inn. An underwater hotel and floating hotel all in one. This floating island retreat has one underwater room with twin beds and a table. Solar panels on the roof provide electric and heat. There is an inflatable canoe so you can tour around the lake and visit the uninhabited island.

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