I came across to this wholesale website and I found many ridiculously unique shoes for both men and women. I want to show you some of my 'discovery' (click to enlarge picture). For more ridiculously unique shoes, you can visit: www.pleaserusa.com



FOR MEN (is there any men want to wear these shoes??)

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  1. Maverick Says:

    U know sera...
    its hurting too see girls and women wearing high heels...coz i think according to medic..its not good for leg itself..and also for a womens back....
    and i have seen so many women still wearin high heels even if they back is achin..just for prestige...Damn....
    and for the one u have added..who the hell will wants too be joker...isnt it...

  2. Sera Melinda Says:

    Yeah you're right wearing high heels is bad for women's feet, but we women are dying to b pretty, so i think that costs us :)
    Thx 4 da comment, my friend!

  3. Lyric Says:

    OMG.!! Those shoes are really very unusual. Those are ridiculously unique.

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