Breasts: women have them, men love them, but clearly women and men don't think about them in the same way.

To you (ladies), they're obviously part of your body, for better or worse. Sometimes you're proud of them, sometimes unhappy and most of you know how to use them to your advantage (at least a little).

To us guys, however, your breasts are the object of something between strong interest and out-and-out obsession, depending upon the guy (and the set). They make us fixate, double-take and lose our trains of thought. They make our eye contact stray during conversation. They make us sigh involuntarily. They make us gawk.

Scientific Study Finds Men Like Looking At Breasts

7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are

The thing is, most women don't realize that our borderline mania isn't very complicated: we simply like boobs—a lot. And we like them in pretty much all shapes and sizes. Women are constantly asking me whether large breasts are better, why fake breasts are appealing to so many men and what the big deal is, as if there's a giant mystery surrounding why men are obsessed with boobs. I don't think there's much mystery, though, and all these questions are pretty easy to answer.

by Jack Murnighan (via

A jilted husband has exacted hilarious revenge on the wife who dumped him by becoming an internet sensation with ingenious ways of using her wedding dress.

Kevin Cotter was devastated when his wife walked out after 12 years of marriage taking all her possessions.

The only thing she left behind was her wedding dress. When Mr Cotter tried to get her to take that also, she told him he could do what he liked with it.

And, after leaving the silk dress on a top shelf of their home in Tucson, Arizona, for months, that is exactly what he did.

He dresses it up as a 'Darth Vader' scarecrow

He started a webpage called 'My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress' on which he charts his attempts to come up with 101 uses for the garment.

So far he has listed 23 uses, from a yoga mat to a pasta strainer.

He has used the white silk dress as an ice pack, skipping rope and even a sports banner.

With a Darth Vader mask he made an effective scarecrow.

Mr Cotter's goal is to reach 101 uses before the dress is completely ruined.

He said: 'This project is a therapy of sorts for me.

'Nothing about divorce is pleasant or easy and I will share some of my experiences and at the same time lighten them up with some creative uses for this dress I was stuck with.'

Mr Cotter admitted he was devastated when his wife, his former high school sweetheart, announced that she was leaving him last July.


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Luxirare created a box of eight colors (flavors?), using household ingredients such as nuts, sesame seeds and melted marshmallow for the white crayon.

Think that sounds tasty? Wait until you hear what was used in the green crayon—peas, green beans, dried kiwi fruit, green fruity pebbles and dried pumpkin seeds. Not as sweet as the white crayon, sure, but a heck of a lot tastier-sounding than your average health bar.

While they're not available to buy, Luxirare has done the honorable thing and listed ingredients and taken photos of how they're made—all in the most gorgeously-shot photos.

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A mother hippopotamus gives her female calf a nudge on the behind as they swim. Visitors to Beijing zoo can view the animals then eat other members of their species. Photograph: Ken Bohn/AFP/Getty Images

"Don't feed the animals, but feel free to feed on them in the restaurant"

At the Beijing Zoo, of course! If you make your way to the zoo in that friendly city up north, you may not be able to feed the animals you see, but you'll be more than welcome to put them in your mouth. Other exotic dishes on the menu: crocodile, scorpion, peacock, ostrich egg and shark fin soup, all for very affordable prices at between 100 and 1000RMB!

Conservationists have been outraged since the Legal Daily reported on the zoo's menu, but as The Guardian reports, the sale of exotic animal meats at the zoo has gone on for years with approval from the authorities. What on earth have Chinese conversationists been doing all these years, you wonder?

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Of course you enjoy board games, but there are so many you might have trouble identifying the game from just a card or a piece. Or maybe you know them so well you can ace today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss.

You are given a card or a game piece from a well-known game, then you give the full name of the game!

Play the game


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Though we think of potato chips as being quintessentially American, they’re a popular snack in countries all over the world. And just as fast food, chocolate, and other gastronomic commodities are repurposed to suit the unique tastes of different cultures, potato chips sold in other countries come in a plethora of flavors that make our cheddar and barbecue varieties seem downright boring.

1. Fries ’n Gravy

We eat mashed potatoes with gravy; we’d probably eat fried mashed potatoes with gravy; so why not fried potato chips with gravy? The folks at Lay’s Canada think it’s a good combo. Clearly, Canadians aren’t afraid to take condiments associated with potatoes to the next level (see ketchup chips). Throw a few cheese curds into the bag, and you’ve got portable poutine, Canada’s unofficial national dish.

2. Ham & Keen’s Mustard

Smith’s Potato Crisps, based in Australia, claims this is a “perfect partnership of two Australian icons.” These flavors work deliciously well together in a sandwich, so I can’t see how the addition of salty, crunchy potatoes could change that.

3. Wasa Beef

I love wasabi anything … well, almost anything. I don’t know if I’d love beefy chips with wasabi powder, but I salute Japan’s Yamayoshi for its innovative flavor combination.

4. Mango Flavor

Lay’s introduced a Natural & Warm line of chips with flavors representing the “yang” to its Natural & Cool flavors. Instead of cool cucumber and lime, yang flavors include mango and lychee.

5. Lime ’n’ Masala Masti

With tangy lime and flavorful Indian spices like garlic, ginger, and curry, these chips, made by Lay’s India, bring the sweet heat of Indian food to the snack aisle. Reviews are mostly positive; one Web site calls these chips “an explosion of flavor.” The combination of lime and masala was enough to pique my curiosity, but after reading that, I’m ready to book a trip to India.

6. Spanish Chicken Paella

This is just one of fifteen limited-edition “crisps” recently released by Walkers (a UK snack-foods company that Lay’s owns) during their Flavour Cup game, in which fans vote for their favorite new flavor online. With Welsh Rarebit, German Bratwurst Sausage, and English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding in the running, it’ll be a tough contest for sure.

7. Chutney

Mrs. H.S. Ball’s chutney is extremely popular in South Africa; some call the flavor an icon, and others think of it simply as tradition. Naturally, its sweetly spiced flavor is just as popular in chip form.

8. Bacon Sizzler

Given America’s current love affair with all things bacon-related, I’m surprised there aren’t more bacon-flavored chips crowding U.S. supermarket shelves. Other countries got on the bacon bandwagon years ago. The UK’s McCoy’s, self-described maker of “man crisps,” offers this smoky, meaty delight.

9. New Yorker’s Street Cheese Dog

Pringles’ American-style flavors for Japanese consumers are more interesting than what we usually eat here (and slightly confusing). Along with Las Vegas Spareribs and Grand Canyon French Fries, Street Cheese Dog is meant to showcase our favorite national flavors in one chip.

10. Pizza Potato

We have pizza-flavored chips in the U.S., but Calbee (sold in Japan and Hong Kong) outdoes anything here by adding bits of melted cheese to its chips. Take that, Pringles!

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The two big theories an color preference right now are the biological adaptation theory, and the emotion theory. And the big question they address is not "WHAT" is your favorite color, but WHY.

Basically, when you ask men and women for their color preferences, you get certain similarities and differences. Here's what we're going to be talking about:

This is a common color block used in some types of color preference testing. Here the S quadrant is saturated, the L quadrant is light, the D quadrant is dark, and the M quadrant is muted. You will notice that the same colors are represented in each quadrant in different ways. As for the colors themselves, the four corners are red, yellow, green, and blue, and the four sides are each of their color bisectors (the color in between the two corners) which are orange, chartreuse, cyan, and purple.

So, when you ask people which of these colors they prefer, both men and women prefer colors closer to blue and violet than those close to yellow and green. However, women tend to prefer colors closer to reds than men, who prefer colors closer to blues. This difference has occupied the minds of many scientists for a while, and several theories have come out.

The authors decided to test their theory, and got a bunch of people together to look at colors. They ended up with the same kinds of colors preference that the previous studies had shown. They ALSO had the participants look at the names of objects (each of which was associated with a particular color) and rate them positively or negatively. Not only that, they showed the participants a color, and then had them write down all the things that they could associate with that color (like "apples", "feces", or "grapes"). They then tallied this all together, and looked at the color preferences, as well as what people associated the colors they looked at with.

They got a good correlation between favored colors and favored things. So for instance, red with cherries or apples, brown with feces. And their theory appears (they say) to fit the data better than other theories to date.

Why is this important, you may ask. Well it's very important to people who do marketing. Observe the stark color differences between magazines targeted toward men.

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A Toronto woman says the billing practices of Rogers Wireless Inc. led to her husband discovering her extramarital affair.

Now the woman, whose husband walked out, is suing the communications giant for $600,000 for alleged invasion of privacy and breach of contract, the results of which she says have ruined her life.

In 2007, Gabriella Nagy had a cellphone account with Rogers which sent the monthly bill to her home address in her maiden name. Her husband was the account holder for the family's cable TV service at the same address. Around June 4, 2007, he called Rogers to add internet and home phone.

The following month, Rogers mailed a “global” invoice for all of its services to the matrimonial home that included an itemized bill for Nagy's cellular service, according to the statement of claim filed in Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

When Nagy’s husband opened the Rogers invoice, he saw several hour-long phone calls to a single phone number.

“Nobody does business this way and he's not stupid,” says Nagy, who is in her 30s. He called the number, spoke to the “third party” who confirmed the affair, which had lasted only a few weeks, Nagy told the Star.

“My husband didn't tell me that's how he found out, he just left.”

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The original goal of Aiko was to help aging population to do simple tasks like make tea and coffee, tell them the weather, read a magazine or remind them to take their medication at the correct time. There are many applications for Aiko in the home, office or public places.

Dr. Le Trung is the creator of ‘aiko’, a home-made female android.

Aiko (愛子) means “beloved one” in Japanese. Dr. Le Trung wanted the world to be able to connect with her human-likeness and at the same time not feel threatened by her technology.

Aiko is the first android to react to physical stimuli and mimic pain. This technology could be applied to people born with or who have undergone amputations. Aiko is the first step towards a life-like mechanical limb that has the ability to feel physical sensations.

Aiko's Secret:
Height 152cm Bust: 82cm Waist: 57cm Hip: 84cm
Height 5 ft Bust: 32" Waist: 23" Hip: 33"

To know more about Aiko and if you want to donate to make Aiko more human, visit projectaiko.

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  • Recycling saves energy: Creating a new aluminum can from scratch takes 95% more energy than making a can from recycled aluminum.
  • Swapping 16 incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) saves emissions equivalent to taking a car off the road for a year.
  • A leaky faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day, and a leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons a day.
  • If you replace just one out of four of your light bulbs with fluorescents, you can save about 50% on your lighting bill.
  • Refrigerators use 14% of an average U.S. home's electricity. Replacing a 20-year-old refrigerator with a new, energy-efficient model reduces an average home's CO2 contribution by about 1 ton per year while saving about $65 annually on the electric bill.
  • More than 80% of the most commonly-used pesticides today have been classified by National Academy of Sciences researchers as potentially carcinogenic, and are routinely found in mothers' milk.
  • More than one billion people, or 1 out of every 6 people, lack access to a safe supply of drinking water. Diseases associated with the lack of clean water are leading cause of death in the world.
  • Over its lifetime, a 40-mpg car will save $3,000 in fuel costs compared to a 20-mpg car.
  • A family of four using low-flow showerheads instead of full-flow models can save about 20,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Daily building operation (lighting, electricity, heating, and cooling of homes, offices, and schools) accounts for more than one-third of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Keep your head out of the refrigerator and the door closed! The refrigerator is the single biggest energy-consuming kitchen appliance.
  • Paper products are bleached to make them whiter and brighter. The chlorine used in many bleaching processes contributes to the formation of harmful chemicals that wind up in our air and water and are highly toxic to people and fish.
  • 55% of our trash goes to landfills, 14% is burned, and 31% is recycled.
  • The removable roof rack on a car can reduce fuel economy by as much as 5%.
  • The polar ice cap is now melting at the alarming rate of 9% per decade. Arctic ice thickness has almost halved since the 1960s.
  • Since 1980, the earth has experienced 19 of its 20 hottest years on record, with 2005 and 1998 tied for the hottest and 2002 and 2003 coming in second and third.
  • Half of the forests that originally covered 48% of the Earth's land surface are gone. Only 1/5th of the Earth's original forests remain pristine and undisturbed.
  • Manufacturing just 17 new cars uses enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • Air pollution from cars, factories and power plants is a major cause of asthma attacks.
  • Making a ton of paper from recycled stock saves up to 17 trees and uses 50% less water than making paper from virgin fiber.

More facts.

Harp Seal
As if raising a child on a moving sheet of ice patrolled by polar bears and fur poachers weren't hard enough, the harp seal mom nurses her pup on 48% fat seal milk continuously for 12 days without eating. Her pup will gain an average of 5 lb. (2.3 kg) per day during this 12-day nursing period, while Mom herself will lose about 7 lb. per day.

Koala Bear
Relying almost entirely on eucalyptus leaves for her diet, the koala bear mom rarely leaves the safety of her treetop home. The mom gives birth to a quarter-inch-long joey — a hairless, blind and earless version of herself. For about six months, the joey stays in her unique pouch, where it slowly grows from a diet of only her milk. Then the joey crawls out of the mother's pouch and takes up a place on her back, where it will remain for another six months.

Meerkats live in packs of about 20, dominated by one mating pair that produces two to five pups in a litter, with up to four litters a year. In a group of meerkats with so many new pups, it is often the aunts and sisters of the group who care for the young. After 21 days underground, the pups emerge to join the foraging party, where they learn the skills needed to live in the Kalahari Desert.

Living like a queen isn't necessarily the way for the queen honeybee. On a warm day, she will mate with 12 to 15 males, or drones. But mating that one time is enough to fertilize her eggs for two to seven years. Once mated, the queen will lay about 2,000 eggs a day during the springtime throughout her life.

The only exclusively Asian living genus of the great ape, the orangutan is considered critically endangered, and with a reproduction cycle of about six to seven years between offspring, repopulation has proved difficult. It does not help that orangutans reconstruct their homes of leaves and sticks every single day, meaning that a typical mom lives in about 30,000 new homes during her lifetime.

Polar Bear
A habitat where the average winter temperature can reach –40°F (–40°C) isn't exactly ideal for raising young, so the mother polar bear digs an underground den where she remains in a hibernation-like state through the coldest winter months. The mother gives birth between November and February to a litter that almost always consists of two cubs, who then live in the safety of the den while nursing on the fasting mother's milk. At the end of this period, the bears emerge from the den and eventually make their way to moving sea ice, where the mother can catch seals once again. At this point, the mother has been fasting for up to eight months while raising two hungry cubs.

Talk about role reversal. Many of the functions performed by females in most species are handled by dads in seahorse couples. Mating takes place when the female seahorse deposits dozens to thousands of eggs inside the male's brood pouch as the male releases a cloud of sperm to fertilize them. The eggs become enveloped in tissue and receive everything they need from Dad, including a hormone usually seen only in females. Mom remains relatively absent during this time and visits once a day to resecure the bond with the father.

African Elephant
The largest land mammal also has the longest pregnancy among mammals, averaging a staggering 22 months. Elephants usually give birth to one calf, who will rely on the mother's milk for four to six years. One would think that years of devotion to her calf and the protection of the herd would lead to a healthy adult elephant, but in reality, very few calves live to adulthood.

Giant Pacific Octopus
A female octopus has only one goal: to have one successful brood of eggs in her lifetime. She will lay about 200,000 eggs in her lair and defend them at any cost. During the one month of caring for her eggs, the female is starved almost to death and may even ingest one of her own arms before she will leave her eggs for food. Once the eggs hatch, the offspring float around in blooms of plankton while their mother wanders out of her lair, too weak to defend herself, often falling prey to predators.

Emperor Penguin
Successfully raising a chick is a truly remarkable accomplishment for this mom and dad. Courtship for a typical couple starts in March and April, when temperatures in the Antarctic are about –40°F (–40°C). Emperor penguins are serial monogamists and will wait for their previous year's mate before breeding again. The female produces one egg and leaves it in the care of its father while she makes the nearly 74-mile (119 km) journey back to sea to capture the fish she will need for feeding. Upon returning to the nesting site, she must relocate her mate and chick. Then the pair switch roles, Mom caring for the offspring while Dad makes the same long journey to the ocean and back for food.

Scientists are hoping to gain new insights into the mysteries of ageing by sequencing the genome of a 17-year-old girl who has the body and behaviour of a tiny toddler.

Brooke Greenberg is old enough to drive a car and next year will be old enough to vote — but at 16lb in weight and just 30in tall, she is still the size of a one-year-old.

Brooke Greenberg, aged 16, with sister Carly who was then 13

Brooke, who lives with her parents Howard and Melanie Greenberg and her three sisters in Reisterstown, a Baltimore suburb, is frozen in time. She looks and acts as if she were a small toddler — for 17 years her family has changed her nappies, rocked her to sleep and given her cuddles.

Brooke has shown some development, including crawling, smiling and giggling when tickled but she has never learnt to speak and still has her infant teeth.

But she has also suffered a succession of life-threatening health problems, including strokes, seizures, ulcers and breathing difficulties — almost as if she were growing old despite not growing up.

Until recently she had been regarded as a medical oddity but a preliminary study of her DNA has suggested her failure to grow could be linked to defects in the genes that make the rest of humanity grow old.

If confirmed, the research could give scientists a fresh understanding of ageing and even suggest new therapies for diseases linked to old age.

“We think that Brooke’s condition presents us with a unique opportunity to understand the process of ageing,” said Richard Walker, a professor at the University of South Florida School of Medicine, who is leading the research team.

“We think that she has a mutation in the genes that control her ageing and development so that she appears to have been frozen in time.

“If we can compare her genome to the normal version then we might be able to find those genes and see exactly what they do and how to control them.”

“Our hypothesis is that she is suffering from damage in the gene or genes that co-ordinate the way the body develops and ages,” he said.

“If we can use her DNA to find that mutant gene then we can test it in laboratory animals to see if we can switch if off and slow down the ageing process at will.

“Just possibly it could give us an opportunity to answer the question of why we are mortal.”

Read more here.

When it comes to Facebook, some friends fall into category A, while others B. What about you all? What kind of friend are you? Here’s the category breakdown.

A) The Overzealous Updater

This is the friend who can’t go half a day without sharing What’s On His Mind. Honestly people. We really don't need to know that you've just had your second shower of the day. For that matter, we didn't need to hear about the first one either.

B) The Link-bot

This is the friend who does nothing but share links all day. Links to articles he’s read that he thinks the whole world should be reading, links to movie reviews, links to new games coming on the market, links to his Twitter page where he’s gone and posted 10 more links. There needs to be a limit. Some links are good, especially when they send people to this blog. But let’s impose a 2-link-max rule per day, what do you say?

C) The Groupie

This is the friend who has joined more groups than Marcia Brady did that one year in high school when she was overcommitted and frazzled. Asian Americans in Israel who Support Diplomacy with Iran? Really?

D) I Am My Kids

This is the friend who only uses Facebook to post photos of the little ones, or updates that read: “Tommy didn’t feel well today, so he stayed home from school.” Might as well not even have your own profile, just create one for the kid(s), no?

E) Spies (who used to) Like Us

This is the Ex who only friends you so s/he can spy on you and make sure you have fewer friends that s/he does, and that your new significant other is less attractive than s/he was.

F) The Wanna-Be

This is the person who friends someone with the great hope of becoming friends with that person in real life, be it a minor celeb, or just someone the Wanna-Be really admires from a slight distance.

G) The Two-facer

This is the friend who accepts your friend request just to be polite, but then Hides your updates immediately. Unfortunately, you have no idea who the two-facers are.

H) The Networker

This is the friend whose main purpose on Facebook is to build a list he can tap when he needs to for work/career. You know these friends because they only message you with e-mails that read “So you still over at Viacom?”

I) The OverPoker

No need to explain this one, right?

J) The Get-A-Lifer

This is the hardcore friend who has nothing better to do but subscribe and follow you via SMS.

K) The Attention Seeker

This is the friend who posts status updates that are purposely vague, and therefore beg for a comment. Their status is all about getting you to respond, getting attention, getting sympathy. "Lori is scared, but hopes everything works out..."

L) The Over Suggester

Just stop. Okay? Let me figure out who I want to be friends with, okay? Honestly.

M) The Good Friend

This is the friend who mercifully doesn't fit in any of the above categories and is, hopefully, just one of many normal, average facebookers you've friended. Let's hear it for the Good Friend!

N) The Foodie
This is the friend who's always posting updates with photos of plates of food

O) The Applicator

The person that floods your minifeed with all the games s/he is playing. “OMG! I gotz a new high scores on buzzball!” Thank you for sharing for conquests; you totally made my day with a high score.

P) The Singer
This is the guy who's always updating with song lyrics.

Q) The Quizzer
A person who seems to do every single quiz out there and ALWAYS publishes the results (even though there’s a button allowing you not to publish it).

R) The Advertiser
This is the one that joined FB for the sole purpose of advertising his/her (or his/her spouse’s) business, Mary Kay products, freelance abilities, real estate opportunities, motivational speaking/financial freedom planning dates, etc.

S) The Silent Stalker
The person who is friends with everyone they even remotely know and check Facebook every day but never update anything. They only want to read how crazy people are. This is my wife.

T) The Living Out Louders
The person who communicates with their family or friends in a back forth discussion about things only pertaining to them. Where they are going to meet, what time, what to bring… yAwn!

U) The Comedian
How about the person who tries really hard to make funny and/or pithy comments (but usually makes you just roll your eyes) (confession: this might be me!)

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Today, there might be more than thousands of dessert companies that are involved in making some of the finest ice creams, puddings, cakes and brownies. However, there are a few weird looking desserts that not only look ugly but their taste can upset your stomach if you are not used to having them.

Octopus Ice Cream

We have always perceived the octopus as an ugly creature that has long tentacles to catch its prey and has slimy substances attached to the skin of its body. The Japanese have now come up with an innovative octopus ice cream that looks almost like it, but made from blackcurrant ice cream. The color of the ice cream is dark grey blue and has been made out from the combination of various dairy products and octopus which is blended well to make the ice cream thick and creamy. Though, this ice cream is available in packed containers, some serve it with long tentacles and a big scoop of this ice cream in the center, which becomes the body of octopus.

Squid Ice Cream

Not really sure how Japanese people convert sea food into desserts but they have another competitor for the octopus ice cream. Yes, the Japanese serve squid ice cream with a squid. The ice cream itself is made by blending thousands of squids and getting the pulp of their body and than mixing it with milk and other products that convert it into thick ice creams. Squid ice creams are also served with smaller pieces of squids in it and the ice cream is usually served in a ice cream cone rather than a scoop on the plate.

Noodle Ice Cream

Most of people love eating noodles when they are celebrating some parties or even when they are alone and have nothing much to eat, but what if those noodles are ice cold! In that case you have accidentally grabbed the wrong plate and the wrong dish because it’s not the regular hot noodles but noodles ice cream. The noodles ice cream look really like any other noodles but instead of tastemakers, noodle ice cream has a combination of brownies and other sweet confectionaries to make the product better.

Horseflesh Ice Cream

If you are opting for this dessert after your meal than make sure you do so at your own risk because this dessert has a piece of raw meat inside. Yes, the horseflesh ice cream probably is the ugliest dessert because you can see big pieces of raw horseflesh sticking out from the top.

Tomato Ice Cream

If you are a vegetarian than you can go ahead with some courage and try the tomato ice cream which is becoming popular in various parts of Europe. The ice cream is made from tomatoes and the scoop of the ice cream is on a slice of thick juicy tomato and it will be decorated with other vegetables to make it look uglier.

Viagra Ice Cream

Ice creams are more popular with kids but Viagra ice cream is something which would look awkward if any child is holding it, not because it contains Viagra but because the ice cream comes in the shape of a long erect penis! Now, that can be very offensive in some Asian countries.

Depending on your point of view, you could say every job in fashion is, at its heart, not just a little bit silly. But believe it or not, there are oh-so-many levels of ridiculousity. After reading the news about Rachel Bilson being named Sunglass Hut’s new (and first of its kind) “Eyewear Ambassador”—“I can’t say what makes me a good style adviser for them, but I am a huge sunglasses addict,” she told WWD—we started thinking about other funny and/or odd fashion jobs. They are, of course, presented after the jump!

1. Flatulence Smell-Reduction Underwear Maker: No, really? Yeah, really. According to AOL’s Jobs site, this type of employment demands that workers “create underwear that protect against bad human gas for people who suffer from gastrointestinal problems.” The undies are apparently infused with materials and filters designed to combat bad smells. Guh-ross.

2. Fit Model: A fit model is sort of like a real model, but flies completely under the radar. Basically, if you can boast very specific body measurements that conform to industry standards, you can get paid (well) to stand as still as you possibly can while designers poke pins in the dress they’re trying to fit you with.

3. Nail Polish Namer: Ever wonder how beauty companies come up with catchy names for products (like oh, say, Commander in Chic or Candy Apple Sundae or whatever)? While the job can bounce from the Creative Director’s office to the copy department, or marketing and product development divisions, perhaps you too, can be the one who comes up with goofy product names.

4. Fashion Closet Editor: A ridic job, to be sure, and yet, such an important one. At major fashion magazines where editorial samples are being pushed between stylists, designers and publicists at breakneck speed, this editor’s job is to track each and every item that comes in (and out) of the closet, and to direct an army of interns to help organize and messenger said products. Why do we have the feeling this job is not as glamorous as it sounds?

5. Trend Forecaster: There is a very select group of hipsters in L.A. and New York who get paid by huge companies to scout out “trends”—what the kids are doing on the street—and report back. The job entails being about 10 steps ahead of the Urban Outfitters and American Apparels of the world (in fact, they employ them in the first place), and traveling the world to snap photos and collect notes on what will be the next big thing. Ridiculous? Sure. Awesome? Totally.
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We all age and, even if we feel young, aging may restrict us physically in doing things we did when we were younger. Arthritis, sore feet, bad knees... one thing or another seems to slow us down after awhile. Fortunately, many gadgets are available that enable us to achieve the same results we did when we were younger... maybe one of these will look like it will help your boomer mom or granny feel groovy again.

1. Short Term Memory Gadget: WayBack

You don't have to have Alzheimer's disease to need WayBack; short term memory is a challenge for everyone of a certain age -- ever hear about 'senior moments?' Heck, even when I was 20, I could never remember where I parked. WayBack is a GPS system for people on foot. It will help your Mom or Grandmom retrace her steps whether she's shopping, sight-seeing, at a stadium, hiking... no matter where she's roamed, she won't get lost.

2. Arthritic Hands Helper: The Best Electric Can Opener

Hopefull, Grandma isn't still opening cans with a hand-twist opener, but if she is, you'd better get her the Best Electric Can Opener from Hammacher Schlemmer. It has stood up to Hammacher's various performance tests and been compared to a range of top-selling can openers. The "Best" did not drop the cans when it finished opening them, it left the rims round and smooth to prevent the user from cutting her fingers, it easily attached to the cans and centered them, and it did it's job quickly on cans of various sizes and shapes. Come to think of it, maybe you should replace Grandma's electric can opener with this one anyway!

3. Better Hearing Gadget: DirectTalk Personal Amplifier

As your hearing starts to go, it's always most difficult to hear when there's more than one source of sound. But with the DirectTalk Personal Amplifier, you can focus your mikes just by turning your body. Use it to enhance personal communication, or to amplify your cell phone, MP3, TV, or movie dialogue. There's a tone enhancement feature to accentuate or dull certain speech frequencies, as well as a protective gain control that prevents the user for being blasted by sudden loud sounds in the environment. Ear buds are reportedly super-comfortable.

4. Back Pain Gadget: The Perfect Fit Back Brace

This back support contours to the shape of your torso and back to maintain proper compression on your lower vertebrae. The Perfect Fit Back Brace provides relief from lower back pain and improves spinal stability. It also makes you stand and sit straight. All adjustments can be made from the from the front of the brace, which is thin and flexible enough to allow you to move through your daily activities.

5. Security Gadget: Instant Cell Phone Back-Up

Today, everyone is lost without their cell phones, so when cell phones are lost we naturally become frantic. It's not the just the phone, but all the information on it. The Instant Cell Phone Back-Up is the answer to your prayers if you copy your Sim card onto it before you lose your cell phone. Make your Mom a copy and make a copy of her information for yourself. Backup your own cell phone with the Back-Up. It holds 1000 numbers and has an 8-language display. It's even password protected.

6. Foot Pain Gadget: YogaToes

Don't laugh. The YogaToes actually do help people with bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fascitis - foot things that many women get after wearing high heels for years. While YogaToes are uncomfortable at first, they help your toes align and stretch, and lead to greater foot comfort. YogaToes can be placed in the freezer or microwave to give your toes different treats. They are lifetime guaranteed. (Don't fall for the copy-toes.)

7. Balance Helper Gadget: Touch Free Trash Can

There are lots of reasons to love this Touch Free Trash Can, not the least of which is the pretty stainless steel will stay clean and shiny without finger prints all over it. But face it, having to lift with one hand and toss with the other can unbalance one, even temporarily, and foot openers are just as off-setting. The Touch Free Trash Can has infrared motion-sensor technology that senses motion within ten inches of the lid.

8. Headache Pain Gadget: IMAK Eye Mask

The IMAK Eye Mask contains ergoBeads, and I'm not sure exactly what they are, but when you put the Eye Mask on, they move very gently and massage your eyes. The Mask, which can be heated or cooled, can relieve sinus, migraine, and stress headaches, but they are also just simply relaxing.

9. Reaching & Picking Up Gadget: Deluxe Gopher III

The Gophers pick up tools have had a good reputation since they first came out, but the new Deluxe Gopher III has been improved. It's a sturdier gadget and it now has a locking hinge and an LED light near the gripper for hard-to-see objects. The Gopher III also folds for easy storage.

10. Arthritic Knee Gadget: The Arthritis Pain Relieving Knee Wrap

Even though there appears to be a man's leg in the photo, the Arthritis Pain Relieving Knee Wrap comes in unisex sizes, so there's one that's sure to fit your favorite boomer mom. Since hips and knees get tired of holding us up as we age, there are plenty of us that can use the support of this flexible knee brace that facilitates blood flow, reduces swelling, and improves mobility of the knee - thereby, relieving pain. The wrap has a special lining that 'wicks away moisture' to keep the wearer comfortable.


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