Maybe you don't want to spend all that time taking classes in obscure subjects while hoping to find your calling and piling up student loan debt. Maybe you don't really care so much about college. You just want to work and make money.

You can do it.

No test can tell an employer how good you might be at some of these lines of work -- real estate broker or fashion designer, for example. That's why a degree is less important to a potential employer than field experience and demonstrated past success. Either you're good at it or you're not.

Here are jobs that can earn more than $100,000 without college:

1. Real Estate Broker

90th Percentile Income: $187,000
75th Percentile Income: $151,000

Only two jobs on this list have a six-figure median wage. This is one of them. Although you have to get a license, you need only be a high school graduate and at least 18 years old to apply for one, and you have to pass a written test. Expect to work evenings and weekends. Competing for clients with more experienced and established brokers won't be easy either. The economy isn't the best for brokers now, but as it bounces back, there may be great opportunities.

2. Air Traffic Controller

90th Percentile Income: $186,000
75th Percentile Income: $156,000

This and real estate broker are the only two jobs on this list with a six-figure median wage. Stress abounds. Just getting in the door requires drug screening, background checks, medical exams, attending a Federal Aviation Administration-approved education program and a pre-employment test. Once you've got the job, the benefits and pay are both healthy.

3. Small Business Owner/Operator

90th Percentile Income: $167,000
75th Percentile Income: $119,000

Casual dress, flexible hours and unlimited use of the company car make this a potentially very sweet deal. Expect to use every skill you have and develop a few along the way. Customer service, graphic design, sales, finance and leadership are just the entry-level survival skills of the commercial jungle.

4. Fashion Designer

90th Percentile Income: $141,000
75th Percentile Income: $104,000

If this is your cut, you should probably move to New York or California. These jobs are geographically concentrated and nearly one-fourth are self-employed. It's a very competitive field. The popularity and glamour of design attracts many, and a two-year degree definitely helps. Employers also want designers with knowledge in textile fabrics, ornamentation and fashion trends.

5. Plumber, Pipe Fitter or Steamfitter

90th Percentile Income: $130,000
75th Percentile Income: $94,500

One of the largest and most well-paid pursuits in construction. The training you need can come from an apprenticeship, tech school or community college, and not all states require licensing. If you want to make that six-figure wage, expect to work late, as the job often falls short of $100,000 before overtime. Get a good reputation, and maybe a little skill in welding, and the jobs should start pouring in.

Click here to see the full list of Jobs That Can Earn More Than $100,000 Without College.

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