Lucky Hotel - Ahmedabad, India
Eat amongst the dead at this restaurant. Resting cozily betwixt the tables in this eatery are 22 Moslem tombs. The restaurant serves Indian cuisine, and waiters are said to "hop" over the
tombs to serve their customers.

Heart Attack Grill - U.S.A
In this funky place, if you finish your Quadruple BypassBurger, which contains a whopping 8000 calories, you will be courteously escorted outside in a wheelchair. This particular burger contains
almost 2 whole pounds of beef. But that is not where the controversy ends. This is because the decadent menu items (including "Flatliner" friescooked in pure lard) are served by waitstaff dressed in extremely sexy nurses' uniforms.

Fortezza Medicea - near Volterra in Tuscany
This restaurant's name may sound fancy. And toted as Italy's most exclusive restaurant. But this dining mecca is actually located inside a high-security prison. The expensive gourmet dishes are prepared and served by some of the country's most dangerous criminals-murderers, Mafiosi, and robbers. Diners must undergo strict security checks. But the restaurant is so popular, that tables are reserved weeks in advance.

Guo-Li-Zhuang - China
This restaurant gives a new meaning to the word "delicacy." Serving up the male reproductive parts of various animals like the goat, dog, and horse. It offers at least six different types of animal phalluses, and four types of testicles.

Solo's Restaurant - Colorado
In the heart of Colorado Springs is a dining experience to rival airplane service everywhere. Solo's restaurant contains a completely preserved KC-97 tanker that can seat approximately 40
patrons. The plan, converted as part of the restaurant features tables lined against either side of a slick and modern looking steel-plated walls. The fare is pretty standard, with munchies such as wings and cheese sticks, and entrees consisting of chicken, steak, and ribs.

Military restaurant - Beirut’s southern suburbs
Its bullet-shaped menu serves sandwiches and burgers with names such as “Terrorist meal”, “RPG”, and “Kalashnikov.” Your orders are prepared by chefs in military fatigues with the roar of explosions as background music. Guns, bullets and pictures of other weapons decorate the interior. The slogan “A sandwich can kill you,” with a picture of a gun superimposed on a burger, is displayed outside. Completing the war motif, sandbags surround the outdoor seating area.
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