MANCHASTER - A man whose home was so full of rubbish that he had to build an intricate network of tunnels to get around may have died after losing his way in the labyrinth.

Investigators believe Gordon Stewart, 74, died as a result of dehydration, after becoming unable to find his way out of the mass of carrier bags, boxes, old furniture and other junk.

According to witnesses, the officers were faced with mounds of foul-smelling garbage which he had used to construct tunnels around his home.

The smell was so over-powering police had to call in a specialist team - equipped with breathing apparatus - to search the two-storey house. They discovered a confusing system of tunnels networking around the interior of the building, with Mr Stewart lying dead inside.

Neighbours said Mr Stewart's home had been accumulating rubbish for at least 10 years.

A car dating back to the 1950s stands in the garage believed to have been left untouched for years as garbage built up around it.

With the use of protective equipment, breathing apparatus, gas detectors, analysers and remote cameras, SSRT officers can enter and search confined and contaminated spaces, where the atmosphere may be noxious or poisonous, with out putting their own safety at risk.

It is believed Mr Stewart lived alone and has no next of kin.
telegraph, UK
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