Toilet Bowl - Taiwan
Have your meal in a toilet bowl. Aptly named, Toilet Bowl, this restaurant features décor and implements which celebrate the mighty toilet bowl. Be seated at your table on your very own "throne." Even the soup bowls are toilet shaped.Justify Full

Ninja New York - New York City
The interior looks like the dungeon of some medieval Ninja castle. The waiters are even dressed up like Ninjas, performing all sorts of magical feats while you sample overpriced, yet beautifully decorated sushi. Mod-looking black leather booths are nestled into this adult fairyland with expensive exotic fare.

Dinner in the Sky - Belgium

Raised 130 feet (50 meters) off the ground is an entire dinner set up consisting of table, diners, waiter, and even an entertainer. The table can accommodate 22 people. In the middle of table set-up is where the chef, waiter, and entertainer are placed. Furthermore, the "restaurant" can be taken anywhere, as long as there is a surface to which the "dinner in the sky" can be secured.

In the Dark - Moscow, London, Paris
The technical name for this unusual restaurant is "Dans Le Noir" (In the Dark). The concept is very simple: eat in complete and utter darkness. The concept behind this restaurant was to let patrons identify with their meals (and themselves) by removing one of their primary senses, thus allowing them to use other senses to enjoy their meals. If you're wondering how this is pulled off, it's quite simple: food is ordered at a lit bar. Then patrons are lead by blind servers to the completely dark dining area, where he/she assists dining parties with all of their needs.

Spirit Lounge - Montreal, Canada
The menu in this vegan restaurant is extremely simple: one soup, one main course, and one dessert. But there are rules which apply. If you don't finish your dinner, you are not permitted to order dessert. If you don't finish your dessert, you're not allowed to return to the restaurant. The main course consists of some sort of crepe, filled with veggies, fruit, and other goodies.

Hirobun Restaurant - Kyoto, Japan
This restaurant features noodles that flow through a tube and into a flume where diners are seated and waiting. As the noodles flow, diners pluck out the noodles with chopsticks and munch
away. The end of the meal is signified with a cluster of pink, plum-flavored noodles.

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  1. geeeze.... the toilet bowl... lol ... i might have a little trouble with that one!!!
    cheers, mTw

  2. Sera Melinda Says:

    Hi Mike
    yeah geeze... but i still think that i'd be interested to try eating from that restaurant's toilet bowl, not the toilet bowl of my toilet, of course!! Haha.....

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