The Obamas are making history, not just as the first African-American president and first lady, but perhaps also as the fittest first couple ever.

This can be an inspiration to us all.

Both the new president and first lady are regular exercisers, managing to squeeze in workouts despite their hectic schedules. It's difficult not to admire their dedication.

Obama, 47, combines his love of basketball with treadmill workouts and weight training.

Obama told Men's Health magazine in its November issue that his typical routine includes working out for 45 minutes, six days a week, including cardiac-strengthening routines and weight lifting. That's in addition to his famous basketball games -- played whenever possible and always on election days.

According to press reports, Michelle Obama gets in 90-minute workouts three times a week. When in Chicago, the new first lady was said to begin her day with a 4:30 a.m. gym workout.

The Obamas have an incredible opportunity to influence fitness among adults and children.
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