Every girl wants to be pretty, but it can be difficult using tons of masks, lotions and just a load of products. It can break your bank and expose you to unnecessary amounts of chemicals. I believe in keeping it simple and cheap. No need to go shopping at Macy’s, Bare Minerals or any of other stores. Just head to the grocery store with a $20 bill to get the same effect. I’ve compiled a few beauty recipes below, but there are a plethora more that are just a search engine click away.

1.) Brown Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub
This is probably my favorite one. Brown sugar exfoliates the skin ridding the pores of all dirt, oil and dead skin cells causing blemishes. Honey is naturally antibacterial, so as the brown sugar scrubs away the things clogging pores, the honey cleans out the sources of the buildup to prevent future breakouts.

2.) Coffee Grounds in Conditioner
This one is really simple. Instead of throwing old coffee grounds away, toss them into your conditioner to make your hair extra shiny. That’s all it takes!

3.) Replace Conditioner with Vinegar
To get rid of the usual problems with hair: build up, dullness and just lackluster, replace your conditioner with vinegar 1-4 times a month, depending on your hair type. Just use it as you need it. And, don’t worry about buying the best stuff for the best results, common white vinegar will do the trick as well as any other vinegar.

4.) Olive Oil as Hair Moisturizer
It’s easy to see how oil can moisturize your hair. It’s simple to use as well. Simply cover your hair in olive oil and leave it in for 30-45 minutes. You can also wrap it in plastic wrap to keep it from dripping. Some also believe it enhances the effect.

5.) Lemon and Egg Facial
Have red splotchiness on your face? Soothe both symptoms away easily by mixing together one egg yolk and the juice of one lemon into a paste. Cover your face with it and leave it on overnight. If this seems like too much work, leave it on your face for an hour. You might not get the optimal results with this amount of time, but you will see a difference.

6.) Replace Conditioner with Baking Soda
Want to be more like a guy and only use one thing to clean your hair? Then just add baking soda to your shampoo. It will remove build up and make hair shinier. And to make it even better, you can use it everyday.

7.) Degrease Oily Hair With Lemons and Aloe
Mix together 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera. Mix the mixture in with a normal serving of shampoo. It will get rid of your oiliness in your hair with one shower.

8.) Smooth Fizzy Hair With Honey
Add a tablespoon of honey to a liter of water. After shampooing, rinse your hair with this concoction to tame your frizz.

9.) Replace Face Wash With Skim Milk Powder
Switching face wash out with skim milk powder can make your face much softer and give you a smoother complexion. It’s also very gentle, so even the most sensitive can use it.

10.) Moisturize Skin With Honey and Olive Oil
Honey holds moisture extremely well and olive oil hydrates well, too. Mix equal parts of olive oil and honey (and add a dash of lemon juice if you’d like) to create a pasty lotion. Rub it onto the dry skin and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Your skin will be hydrated for plenty of time to come afterwards.

11.) Soften Skin With Oatmeal
There are many concoctions and mask recipes that involve oatmeal, but you can use oatmeal by itself to help your skin. Ground up about 1 cup of oatmeal using a blender or coffee grinder, and add it to bath water to soften skin to baby-like quality.

12.) Treat Choline-Damaged Hair
Mix together 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/4 cup of a peeled cucumber. Cover you hair with the mixture and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. You’ll see your hair return to normal almost immediately.

13.) Tone and Rebuild Skin With Avocados and Carrots
This recipe can work wonders. Combine 1 avocado, 1 cooked carrot, 1/2 cup heavy cream, 1 egg and 3 tablespoons of honey. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and then rinse. These ingredients add a multitude of vitamins, antioxidants and calcium to rebuild natural collagen, tone skin and remove age spots. There is plenty to read about the benefits of each of these ingredients, but all you need to know is that each natural element does more than any store-bought item can.

14.) Lemons or Oranges for Fine Hair Hairspray
Use Lemons for dry hair and oranges for a stronger hold. Chop up the entire piece of fruit in a bowl as to not lose any juice. Boil the fruit with 2 cups of water until soupy or to when the liquid has been significantly reduced. Strain through a cloth and pour into a spray bottle for use. The citrus will hold the hair and not damage it due to the fact that there is no alcohol.

15.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Cleanser and Toner
This eliminates dead skin cells easily, so you can use in lieu of expensive toner. That’s all there is to it!

Being beautiful can get expensive and damaging if you’re using products often. Try using these natural tips before spending money and see if you even want to try products after. Check out out post on how to treat acne naturally, too!


When you like someone, and you think they might like you too, but you’re not sure, it’s not always best to put your hand over your heart and tell them how you feel.

In fact, it rarely ever is.

But there are ways to drop hints and open the door for them, so that if they are interested, they’re more likely to start showing it. Here are 50.

1. Touch your face and hair when you’re talking to them.

2. Touch them, casually, on the arm or knee when you’re talking to them.

3. Laugh at their jokes.

4. Touch their arm or knee when you laugh at their jokes.

5. Notice when their glass is empty, and always offer to fill it up or get them another.

6. Make eye contact from across the room at parties; smile.

7. If you get an inside joke going between just the two of you, bring it up as much as possible. Never let it die.

8. Say their name when you’re talking to them. (It’s true! People thrill at the sound of their own name — especially when uttered by someone they’re interested in.)

9. Find a common enemy: another party guest, an annoying guy at the bar, a broken jukebox, the lack of pizza joints in this part of town. It’s you two against the world.

10. If they mention an ex, or a date gone bad, tell them that they’re too good for that person, anyway.

11. Give them a ridiculously huge tip. (This only works if they’re your waiter, bartender or barista. Obviously.)

12. Email them because you just saw something and it “made me think of you.”

13. Treat them to something sometime.

14. Make up a nickname for them. Be the only one who calls them that.

15. Invent any excuse for them to come over — a new movie, a sports game, a dinner party, a home repair project you really need help with.

16. Be genuinely delighted every time you see them — make no effort to hide it.

17. Loan them a book that you “just thought they would like.”

18. Offer to hold their purse/bag/coat/cup.

19. MIX TAPE! (No one makes a mix tape/cd for you unless they like you.)

20. Make sure to get pictures of the two of you when you’re out together.

21. Handwrite a note on your business card when you give it to them. i.e. “Really good to meet you.”

22. Remember what their drink is without having to ask. Order it for them.

23. Show up to their art opening/soccer game/open mic night/thing.

24. Don’t leave without saying goodbye.

25. That shirt/perfume/ring/pair of shoes they once mentioned they liked? Wear it. A lot.

26. Remember what you talked about the last time you saw each other, and ask them how things turned out the next time you see each other.

27. If they take your hand, squeeze it or run your thumb over their knuckles

28. Text them. Not just to make plans, but just because.

29. Dress up a little when you know you’re going to see them.

30. Bring up something little that you remember they once said to you.

31. Offer to drive them to the airport.

32. Just talk to them. About anything. Whenever you get the chance.

33. Check out that TV show/movie/band/restaurant they mentioned. Tell them what you thought of it.

34. Compliment them on something you think other people might notice about them.

35. Pass them a note during class/a meeting/at a crowded bar.

36. Find whatever excuse you possibly can for the two of you to end up at a karaoke bar. Insist on singing a duet.

37. Always “randomly” have an extra ticket . (To “this movie,” “this art thing,” “my friend’s band that’s playing,” “this lecture that seemed cool.”)

38. Ask their opinion on things. (“What color should I paint my bathroom?” “What TV show should I watch next on Netflix?”)

39. “Like” their stuff on Facebook. (Not too much — just enough to let them know you’re reading.)

40. Text back right away.

41. Make friends with their friends.

42. Tell them, as off-handedly as you can, that they smell good today.

43. Send them a postcard when you’re away.

44. Give them your number, so you can take the conversation off email/Facebook/Twitter.

45. Assume they want coffee and bring them one. Learn how they take it first.

46. Post baby animal videos on their Facebook wall.

47. Remember their birthday.

48. Find a reasonable excuse (birthday, promotion at work) and send them flowers.

49. Send them YouTube links to that band they mentioned they liked, or send them links to new bands that you think they’d like.

50. Kiss them on the cheek and hug them goodbye, instead of just saying it.

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We all know about the secret world of fetishes, and for the most part, although they may not be for everyone, they are harmless.

While some fetishes may stretch the boundaries of the conventional, a man in Thailand who was arrested for possession of 10,000 pairs of women’s underwear pushed the envelope far beyond the realm of the acceptable.

Police found a horde that was not to be believed: 1,000 pairs in the man’s vehicle and more than 10,000 pairs in his home.

The 48–year-old man was arrested with an accomplice after he broke into a building located in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

The suspect admitted to police that he had been stealing and collecting panties since he was 18. But perhaps that’s not the worst of it.

“He smelled them all the time, even while driving,” said police Major General Saroj Promcharoen.

They could arrest him only for breaking and entering, but not for stealing property because no one has reported the underwear stolen, legally translating to the lack of a plaintiff.

It would seem that this tale of pilfered panties comes straight from the annals of the Guinness World Records, or better still, Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

A better trick might be stealing the panties from the women while they are still wearing them. Perhaps our man was brushing up for that finale.

The world may never know.

Go figure (and hang onto your panties).

And if you din’t think this news was funny, check out the video below, this guy’s version hilarious.


1. Toy Story 3 is the only Toy Story film not to receive a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It still however received a relatively high score of 99%.

2. The Pizza Planet delivery truck, which has appeared in every Pixar film except The Incredibles, also appeared in all three Toy Story films.

3. Pizza Planet was originally supposed to be called Pizza Putt, a combination pizzeria/mini-golf course.

4. In their most productive week during production, Pixar completed 3.5 minutes of animation.

5. Tim Allen and Pixar originally wanted Jim Carrey to voice Buzz Lightyear, but they couldn't due to the low budget they were given for the film.

6. Billy Crystal was originally offered the chance to voice Buzz Lightyear, but declined. After seeing the finished film, he said the decision was the biggest mistake of his career.

7. The movie was originally supposed to be called “You Are A Toy.”

8. Originally, the main character was going to be Tinny, the title character in Tin Toy (1988). In the movie he would have gotten lost during a family trip and joined up with a sarcastic ventriloquist dummy in a search of a home.

9. Buzz Lightyear's original name was Lunar Larry.

10. Mattel originally didn't want Barbie in the film because they thought the film would be a failure. They also didn't want Barbie to have a defined personality, preferring to let children imagine Barbie's personality traits on their own. When the film proved a huge success, Mattel allowed Barbie to appear in Toy Story 2.

11. Hasbro denied Pixar the use of the name GI Joe when it was informed that a GI Joe doll was going to be blown up by Sid. Pixar used army men instead.

12. For the original Toy Story, Tom Hanks recorded his dialog during the breaks of Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and A League of Their Own (1992). He didn't want to record his dialog during the breaks of Philadelphia (1993) or Forrest Gump (1994) because he felt he shouldn't do comedic roles in between minutes of playing serious roles.

13. The number “95” appears frequently throughout all 3 films. This is in reference to the year the original Toy Story was released, 1995.

14. Toy Story 2 was initially planned as an hour long sequel that would have premiered on home video.

15. The only Toy Story film to have full opening credits is Toy Story 1.

16. Many of the books on the shelf in Andy's room are names of Pixar's short films (Adventures of Andre and Wally B., Knick Knack, etc.) and some of the book author's are named after Pixar staff.

17. Pixar presented an early draft of the film to Disney on November 19, 1993. The result was disastrous. The film was deemed unwatchable. It presented Woody as a “sarcastic jerk” who was constantly insulting the other toys. Disney immediately shut down production pending a new script. The story team spent a week on a new script to make Woody a more likable character, instead of the “sarcastic jerk” he had been.

18. Little Bo Peep was originally supposed to be a Barbie doll.

19. The character of Andy is named for Andries “Andy” Van Dam, a Brown University Professor and computer science and animation pioneer who taught many of makers of this film.

20. Toy Story 3 is the first sequel to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar without any of its predecessors being nominated.

21. Toy Story 3 is also the first animated movie to make over $1 billion at the box office worldwide. It's the #5 highest grossing movie of all-time.

22. The license plate on Andy's mother's car reads “A 111” on the front and “A 113” on the rear. A111 and A113 are two rooms used by the animation department at CalArts - alma mater of a large number of Pixarians.

23. Toy Story was completed on a $30 million budget using a staff of 110. In comparison, The Lion King, released in 1994, required a budget of $45 million and a staff of 800.

24. Toy Story 2 was the first sequel for Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

25. Toy Story 2 is the best reviewed movie of all time on Rotten Tomatoes. Toy Story 1 is number 4.

26. Toy Story 2 is one of three Disney movies to win a Golden Globe for Best Picture. The other two are Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

27. The green three eyed aliens have a circled pizza (pepperoni and mushroom) on their fronts.

28. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen both confessed to crying at the part of Jessie's flashback sequence that shows her being rejected, and abandoned by her owner, set to “When She Loved Me” by Sarah McLachlan.

29. Barbie's blue workout outfit from Toy Story 3 is based on the 1984 “Great Shape” Barbie Doll. The Ken doll in the movie is modeled after “Animal Lovin” Ken from 1988.

30. The entire animation team shaved their heads prior to working on Toy Story 3.

31. The plot of the Toy Story 3 is loosely based on the original treatment for Toy Story, which had Tinny getting lost at a rest stop and being found by a junk man, who throws him into back of his truck. Tinny meets a ventriloquist dummy and they both decide to stick together. But in the end they end up in a preschool where they'll never get lost or outgrown. Tinny can be seen on the cover of a magazine in one scene in Toy Story 3.

32. Blake Clark became the new voice of Slinky Dog, replacing Jim Varney, who died in 2000. Clark was good friends with Varney prior to his death.

33. The original Toy Story is the first fully computer-generated full-length feature film.


Highly happy people all share happy habits. It’s as simple as that. The happiest people I know share seven very obvious habits. If you’re looking to expand your general happiness, you may consider adopting these in your own life.

1. Be a part of something you believe in.
This could be anything. People may take an active role in their local city council, find refuge in religious faith, join a social club supporting causes they believe in, or find passion in their careers. In each case, the physiological outcome is the same. They engage themselves in something they strongly believe in. This engagement brings happiness and meaning into their lives.

2. Share time with friends and family.
A happy life is a life shared with friends and family. The stronger the personal relationships are and the higher the frequency of interaction, the happier a person will be.

3. Reflect on the good.
Quite often people concentrate too much of their attention on negative outcomes and leave no time to positively reflect on their successes. It’s natural for a person to want to correct undesirable circumstances and focus closely on doing so, but there must be a healthy balance in the allocation of personal awareness. It is important to mindfully reflect on the good while striving diligently to correct the bad. A continuous general awareness of your daily successes can have a noticeably positive affect on your overall emotional happiness.

4. Exploit the resources you DO have access to.
The average person is usually astonished when they see a physically handicapped person show intense signs of emotional happiness. How could someone in such a restricted physical state be so happy? The answer rests in how they use the resources they do have. Stevie Wonder couldn’t see, so he exploited his sense of hearing into a passion for music, and he now has twenty-five Grammy Awards to show for it.

5. Create happy endings whenever possible.
The power of endings is quite remarkable. The end of any experience has a profound impact on a person’s overall perception of the experience as a whole. Think about reading a well written, thought-provoking novel. Now imagine the ending totally sucks. Even if the story was captivating up until the ending, would you still be happy recommending the novel to a friend? People always remember the ending. If the ending is happy, the experience creates happiness. Always tie loose ends, leave things on a good note, and create happy endings in your life whenever possible.

6. Use personal strengths to get things done.
Everyone possesses unique personal strengths. We all have different talents and skill sets. Emotional happiness comes naturally to those who use their strengths to get things done. The state of completion always creates a sense of achievement. If this achievement is based exclusively on your own personal ability to get the job done, the physiological rewards are priceless.

7. Savor the natural joy of simple pleasures.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best things in life are free. They come in the form of simple pleasures and they appear right in front of you at various locations and arbitrary times. They are governed by Mother Nature and situational circumstance and captured by mindful awareness. It’s all about taking a moment to notice the orange and pink sunset reflecting off the pond water as you hold hands with someone you love. Noticing these moments and taking part in them regularly will bring unpredictable bursts of happiness into your life.

marcandangel.com via divinecaroline.com

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Valentine's Day: The modern holiday that unnerves men and leaves women worried about being disappointed — at least according to recent polls and research. Here are seven studies that shed light on some of the pitfalls of Feb. 14, and offer hope to those determined to celebrate:

1. Men don't hate Valentine's Day. They fear it
In a recent survey by dating service It's Just Lunch, one-third of men said they purposely avoid getting in relationships between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Why? Fear of "perceived threats to their egos and wallets," suggests It's Just Lunch spokeswoman Jacquie Brownridge.

2. Ladies, men will disappoint you
What do women want on Valentine's Day? More than 75 percent would love a handwritten love note or poem, according to the Lindt Lindor "Code of Modern Chivalry" report. Sadly, only half of men will oblige, with some trying to pass off somebody else's poem as their own. Meanwhile, more than 20 percent of men will opt for a text-message valentine, and about 10 percent will go with email.

3. Old-fashioned cards are still popular
At least in Great Britain, where 64 percent of Britons say a card or letter is the best way to say "I love you" on Feb. 14, according to Royal Mail. E-cards only got 7 percent of the vote, behind a phone call (8 percent), but ahead of a text message (6 percent), and email or a social-networking posting (5 percent).

4. It's a good day for Viagra
In 2010, more Viagra was prescribed in the week before Feb. 14 than any other week of the year, according to Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions. (The "lowest-use" week of the year is Thanksgiving week.) Valentine's Day sex is "kind of like birthday sex or Christmas sex," says Indiana University sex researcher Debby Herbenick, to MSNBC.com. "This is an opportunity that only comes up occasionally and [men] want to be prepared."

5. It's a big day for divorce, too
Divorce filings have spiked about 40 percent around Feb. 14 over the past two years, according to Avvo.com data reported by the New York Post. Some of the timing is due to "Delayed New Year's Resoluters," says L.A.-based divorce lawyer Kelly Chang to the Post, who are "moving forward on their resolution to be single, just a month late." The others, though, are "'Waiting to Exhalers,' who, depending on the actions of their spouses on Valentine's Day, will either reconcile or file for divorce."

6. Lovers will spend, spend, spend
Some 70 million Americans, or a third of consumers, will eat out at a restaurant Monday night, according to the National Restaurant Association. Only Mother's Day is more popular for dining out. The National Retail Federation also expects a banner year, with Americans spending a projected $15.7 billion this Feb. 14, or $116.21 per person, a bump of 11 percent from last year.

7. It's not too late to find a date
If you don't have a date for tonight, don't fret. Brain researcher Stephanie Ortigue and her team at Syracuse University say it's the brain, not the heart, that is responsible for love — and the process is fast. It takes about a fifth of a second to fall in love, she says. There's still plenty of time to find that special someone.

Looking for unique gifts for Valentine's Day? Here what you can do and I'm sure your man is gonna love it!

Cupcake with a Heart Baked into It

If you didn’t have any instructions, how would you duplicate this cupcake? Suggest a method and then click on the link to see Kurryleaves’s clever approach. Did you guess correctly?

Crochet Box of Chocolates
Looking for a sweet gift that won’t add to someone’s waistline? Then why not crochet some adorable truffles in a heart-shaped box using this great pattern.

Going bald upsets men more than bankruptcy or bachelorhood.

But now there’s a cure set to save them money and heartache - by tattooing ‘hair’ on.

HIS (Hair-Ink-Skin) Hair has launched an innovative new technique to disguise baldness - using a unique form of tattoos.

And it has become so popular that bookings have soared by 20 per cent in the past 12 months.

Celebrity Hairdresser, Adee Phelan, who officially opened the company’s newest clinic in Manchester, is one of dozens of customers to have had the new procedure, known as MHT (micro hair technique) scalp pigmentation.

It gives the appearance of a short, cropped ‘buzz’ hair - cut by applying different shades of specifically blended pigments to the scalp to replicate the size, shape and density of micro hairs.

TV stylist Adee, whose clients have included David Beckham, Kerry Katona, Elizabeth Jagger, Sarah Harding and the England Football team, said: 'I was 24 when I started losing my hair. I got behind the product because I know it looks good.

The technique, which costs an average of £2,000, was developed by Ian Watson, who founded HIS Hair after he developed alopecia in his mid-twenties, following the tragic death of his 32 year-old brother Paul, from cancer.

In desperation, he asked Paul’s widow, Ranbir Rai-Watson to find the finest pen she could get to draw dots onto his scalp, hoping to emulate the look of a ‘cropped’ haircut.

After years of intensive research, they began honing the MHT technique alongside some of the world’s best hair loss experts, as well as semi-permanent make-up artists in Harley Street, London and Melbourne, Australia.

And a decade later the Birmingham-based company is opening clinics across Europe and the US.

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The Dutch are bicycle fanatics. Almost half of daily travel in the Netherlands is by bicycle, while the country’s bike fleet comfortably outnumbers its 16 million people. Devotees of the national obsession have taken the next logical step by launching what is likely the first bicycle school bus.

Built by Tolkamp Metaalspecials, and sold by the De Cafe Racer company, the bicycle school bus (BCO in Dutch) is powered entirely by children and the one adult driver (although there is an electric motor for tough hills). It comes in green, blue, purple, grey, red, yellow, but all [standard] colors are available. Its simple design has eight sets of pedals for the kids (ages 4 to 12), a driver seat for the adult, and three bench seats for freeloaders. The top speed is about 10 miles per hour, and features a sound system and canvas awning to ward off rainy days.

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AUSTRALIA - A TODDLER who refused to let anything stand between him and a new toy was trapped inside a vending machine for 10 minutes.

Noah Jeffrey, 3, was so determined to grab himself a toy from the machine in a Zagame's restaurant that he climbed through the retrieval gate, up the chute and into the area loaded with plush toys.

The Ballarat toddler narrowly avoided a rescue by the fire brigade, but according to his mum, Louise, he had a ball once he had crawled inside.

"He's very adventurous and he thought it was funny," she said.

Showing his generous streak, Noah was quick to share the bounty of his exploration and passed the machine's toys to a crowd of children gathered outside before eating the lollies in the machine about 4.30pm on Sunday.

It was about then that Ms Jeffrey discovered the predicament her son was in.

"I ran over to check and he was passing toys out and eating some of the lollies," she said.

But with electrical wires and little oxygen inside Noah was soon sweating as management and his mum worked to free him.

And the escape proved rather more tricky than getting in for Noah.

The toddler had to be coaxed to climb back down the chute and sit there while his mum pulled him around a guard panel blocking his escape.

"We had to tell him that he had to come out to get a toy," she said.

In fact Noah had just popped free of the machine when staff returned to say they would have to call the fire brigade to rescue him after attempts to contact the machine operator had failed to come up with a solution.

But the experience didn't leave a bad impression on the tot.

"He wanted to go back in to get the lollies," Ms Jeffrey said.

That may be a little more difficult next time, though - the toy machine company said it would install a bar in the machine to stop children climbing in.

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Jack in the Box is now serving a Bacon Milkshake. Yes, it's real, and yes, they are hoping it will cause some sort of bacon-fueled mass hysteria, so it's "as limited as limited can be." Denny's produced a Maple Bacon Sundae for their Baconalia promotion, so it's not unheard of for a chain to add bacon to dessert, although word on the street is the Jack in the Box shake uses bacon-flavored syrup and not actual porky goodness.

The shake is part of a new campaign that asks the question: If you like bacon so much, why don't you marry it? They mean literally: the ad below features a bacon wedding that ends with the oh-so-romantic words "You may eat the bride."


That readers of FHM have voted an androgynous man in to their most recent list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World might have been a cause for celebration among equal rights campaigners.

Instead, the magazine has provoked outrage over its warning to readers to "pass the sick bucket" on encountering 19-year-old Andrej Pejic, rather ignoring the fact that it was they who voted for him in the first place.

"Designers are hailing him as the next big thing," the blurb accompanying Pejic's entry online read before it was hastily removed, after drawing a wave of criticism. "We think 'thing' is quite accurate.

"The gender bender has jumped the gun in hoping he might one day be signed as Victoria's Secret Model (pass the sick bucket)."

The magazine said: "Andrej Pejic appears at number 98 in FHM Magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011.

"Regrettably the copy accompanying Andrej's online entry wasn't subbed prior to going live. Once we realised, we removed it immediately and apologised for any offence caused. FHM has spoken to the individual concerned and taken steps to ensure this can never happen again."

Though the outrage caused by comments prompted FHM to remove the entry from its website, Pejic will still feature in the print version of the list which comes with this month's edition.

"More troubling is the fact that Andrej is not the only one when it comes to supermodels that are not all t hey seem," the magazine goes on. "The current face of Givenchy and "lady" locking lips with Kate Moss on the cover of Love magazine is transgender model Lea T. who began life as Leandro. One fashion trend we won't be following."

Yet, it is really just another success for the 19-year-old Serbian model, who grew up in Melbourne. He was first spotted by a talent scout while working at his local fast-food restaurant, and his since modelled for Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs in campaigns at Paris Fashion Week.

When he began modelling his agency encouraged him to be more masculine, and go to the gym, as the menswear clients wouldn't like him, before realising a completely new direction might be more profitable.

But it is not the first time controversy has followed him. Last month his unbuttoned top on the cover Dossier Journal in the United States became an issue for the book-selling giant Barnes & Noble, which insisted the magazine be sold in opaque plastic bags.

Having been chatted up by Australian men since the age of 14 ("Sometimes they're shocked, but most of the time they still want to buy me a drink," Pejic says), neither his place on the list nor the reaction it has engendered will come as a particular surprise to him.

He has been more philosophical than his persecutors on the matter. In an interview last month, he declared: "It's a very liberal industry. You can be yourself. Just not overweight."

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Google, the king of corporate perks, is banking on these and other "way beyond basic" benefits to lure top tech talent to its Mountain View headquarters. The company has already succeeded in distinguishing itself from the competition: earlier this month, Google took the top spot on Fortune's list of the 100 best companies to work for.

On-Site Doctors
I'm not sure if it's an actual perk not to have to leave the office when you're sick, but on-site doctors ensure that this is a reality at Google's Mountain View campus. According to Google's benefits site, physical therapy and chiropractic services are also available.

Japanese Toto Toilets

Is it really any wonder that Googlers have access to some of the most high-tech toilets around? These Japanese johns offer washing and drying of your nether regions as well as the mysterious "wand cleaning." Both the wash water and the seat itself can be warmed or cooled depending on your preference.

Endless Lap Pools
One perk about not working at Google is that Gawker never posts a photo of you swimming in one of the Googleplex's lap pools. The outdoor mini-pools are like water treadmills: a strong current allows the Googler to swim and swim and go nowhere. Luckily, according to How Stuff Works, lifeguards are always on duty in case someone gets in over their head.

Conference Bike

According to PC Magazine, Google's Conference Bike is used as a team-building exercise for new employees. It has four wheels and five riders who work together to move it around.

Free Food
Everyday, Googlers get three full meals and unlimited snacks from the campus' 25 cafeterias totally cost free. According to The Atlantic, the company makes an effort to keep the meals as healthy as possible by putting vegetables in every dish, using small plates and giving healthy items prime real estate in the cafeterias.

Free Haircuts
Employees who don't have the time or inclination to get haircuts in the real world can get trimmed up at Google for free. According to Reuters, the service is provided by a company called Onsite Haircuts which operates out of mobile homes that travel around cutting the hair of Silicon Valley's tech army.

Ball Pit
Google has two things in common with McDonald's: an inclination toward primary colors and a ball pit. The Google Chrome ball pit is as you might expect a ball pit filled with plastic balls in the yellow, red, blue and green of the Google designed browser, Chrome. Check out the video below to see employees having too much fun at work.

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Funny cartoon of the day