Deluxe Freddy Krueger Mask

As seen in the movie Freddy vs Jason. This deluxe latex mask features full coverage to the shoulders and extreme graphic detail.

Batman Mask

Fully licenced Batman mask styled from the Dark Knight movie. This quality 3/4 mask is constructed of high quality latex with a flat black finish.

Stretch Mask

You may have woken up feeling like this after last years Halloween party. The stretch mask will give you a realistic sort of distorted mind altering effect.

Sumo Suit

The Inflatable Sumo Suit is a unique costume that features a built-in battery-powered fan that continually blows air into your suit -- giving you the illusion of girth.

Inflatable Tourist Costume

The Gemmy inflatable tourist costume defines a whole new dimension in tackiness. Powered by a battery operated fan this self inflating apparel will maintain your portliness througout the evening. But just remember ... it's not easy being cheesey.

George Bush Mask

George Bush latex mask. Covers the front part of your face with a likeness of our commander in chief.

Lucifer Devil Mask

This full coverage detailed mask is a likeness of the fabled entity Lucifer. If you're going for that just expunged from the fire of hell look, this is the mask for you.

Sumo Wig

Your sumo outfit is not complete without this authentic looking Sumo wig. Inspired by centuries of Japanese tradition, this hairpiece is topped with the traditional topknot or chonmage.

Samurai Wig

Inspired by the legendary Samurai warrior, this wig features the traditional long black ponytail.
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