“Going green” doesn’t necessarily mean dreadlocks, a tent and the end of showers. As these tips show, you can embark on a very satisfying eco-crusade from your very own bedroom (the world’s climate just jumped 20 degrees!).

Put on some eco-undies
Slip into something made from organic cotton, slippery silk, bamboo or hemp, and you’ll be supporting more than great cleavage – underwear made from organic, natural materials is produced from sustainable resources without any nasty chemicals.

Sweeten things up
Swap the sickly sweet body paint for some real melted chockie. So long as it’s organically produced and Fair Trade-labelled (and not too hot!), this is one sugar high you can ride completely guilt-free.

Roll around in the bush
Okay, we’re not really sure how this helps the environment, but who doesn’t enjoy a risky romp outdoors every now and then? Let’s just call it a celebration of nature – but don’t get arrested!

Make your wax natural
You know that whole dripping-hot-wax-on-each-other thing? Not such a good idea. At least not with conventional candles. Not only are they made with petroleum-based paraffin wax, a non-renewable resource, they also release an assortment of pollutants, including the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. So, opt for a soy version instead – they’re made with wax from 100 per cent natural soybeans and contain no chemical additives, which means you’ll not only be saving your
skin, but improving air quality too. Head to the Conscious Candle Company (conscious-candle.com.au).

Mix up an enviro-cocktail
Looking for something extra to get him in the mood? Then use organic, locally produced fruit and chemical-free alcohol for a seriously seductive, pre-passion cocktail. The major benefit? It’s better for the environment and your body, so you can drink up
(ahem, in moderation), plus you’ll have a much clearer conscience and head the next morning.

Heat up the bedroom
Sex-toy maker California Exotic has created a solar-powered vibrator called Solar Sensations, so no more vibes hanging from power points! They charge up under any light source, even light bulbs – perfect for those boring, rainy days. Stock up your arsenal at hisandhersonline.com.

Help prevent a major population explosion
Keep things baby-free for a while with vegan condoms, which contain no animal products. And when you’re finished, simply pack up the leftovers and send them off to China, where they recycle used condoms into stylish hair ties. Seriously. Check out the Glyde Condoms range at glyde-condoms.com.
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