Prince Williams married Kate Middleton on 29 April 2011. Celebration comes in British Royal Family after 30 years.It was a big event and everybody in the world was eager to know about what's happening in the wedding.

Royal Wedding of Kate and Prince Williams was live broadcast on many tv channels and websites.Biggest video site YouTube was contracted to live the event.Twitter was also prepared for the live coverage of Royal Wedding.Many TV channels like TLC CNN, BBC, Fox and CBS etc. was doing the live broadcast of Royal Wedding.

The interesting facts:

1. Some 40 foreign royals have been invited, including the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, the sultan of Brunei, the emperor of Japan, and kings of Malaysia, Tonga, and Thailand.

2. President Obama was snubbed from the guest list due to the expensive costs associated with added security to protect him at the wedding. But don't worry. Obama will return in May for an official UK state visit with a royal dinner, ball and all the other bells/whistles. French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni were also not invited due to security costs.

3. Kanye West got an invite. I can only pray he does not bring an open bottle of Hennessy or should he?

4. Male guests with a military record have been asked to don their armed-forces dress uniform, while women are expected to wear elegant afternoon dresses with or without a coat, or an elegant matching ensemble with a hat.

5. After the formal ceremony, 600 chosen guests will attend a lunchtime buffet--an extravaganza to dwarf the sit-down breakfast for 120 hosted by the queen for Charles and Diana in 1981. Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady told People magazine, "Guests will be invited back to Buckingham Palace for a wedding breakfast of Champagne, canapés, and heavy hors d'oeuvres, such as smoked salmon, paté, and mini sausage rolls." This list will also likely include petit fours, mini éclairs, trifle, and chocolate and lemon mousse. A multitiered centerpiece wedding cake will be beautifully decorated, perhaps with William's coat of arms, the top adorned with flowers.

6. When Prince William and Kate finally walk down the aisle on April 29th. Kate will be 29, making her the oldest royal bride EVER. (Most royal brides in history have typically been teenagers. Even William's mother, Princess Di, was barely 20 years old when she married his father, Prince Charles.) Although, according to statistics, this actually gives her a better chance at a longer future with William. Studies have shown that couple who marry closer to age 30 tend to divorce less than their younger counterparts.

7. Some homeless people got an invite as well. Prince William invited some guests who personally affected him in one way or another, including members of the homeless community and soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

8. The future Princess Catherine (Kate wants to be called by her given name, Catherine, and not by her nickname, Kate) may have scored her late mother-in-law's 18-carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring, but that doesn't mean that her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, will have to go to Zales to pick something out for his future wife. He reportedly inherited Princess Diana's Cartier watch, reports Funny enough, although the sapphire ring is "very special" to Prince William, neither Princess Diana nor Prince Charles picked it out! The Queen did.

9. When asked what they love about each other, William mentioned that (I still call her by her nickname) Kate had "plenty of habits" that he loved to tease her about. I think most people are happy to know that the soon-to-be British princess has just a touch of neurotic tendencies. She also reportedly can drink William under the table, which makes her a girl after my own heart.

10. After the messy divorces of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and Prince Andrew and Fergie, it's being speculated that Prince William and Kate will be the first royal couple to sign a pre-nup.

11. On Facebook nearly 2.8 million people in the UK and US updated their status about the Royal Wedding. While on Twitter users were posting 237 tweets every second about the Royal Wedding.

12. Wedding ring of Kate is made of gold from the Clogau Gold Mine in the Welsh mountains. The estimated cost of this ring is around 85,000 pounds

13. Total expanditure on Royal Wedding was 4500 crore Rs.

14. The cost of cake for Royal Wedding was 50 lacs(Rs)

15. Royal Wedding was viewed by 2 Billion people in the World.

16. The Royal Wedding is the first ever wedding that was live broadcast on YouTube.

Congrats to the newly wedded couple! :)

A Washington DC couple has just raised the bar on awesome proposals this past weekend when Corey Newman proposed to his girlfriend Marlowe Epstein via crossword puzzle in last Sunday's Washington Post. She said yes because, after all, how could she not? It is the sweetest thing ever.

Newman worked with a crossword writer at the Post to come up with the perfect crossword for Epstein who is an aficionado. Clues led to her hometown, her first name, his first name and more. Then of course, finally, it was: Willyoumarryme? And he dropped to one knee. Can we get a collective awwwwwww....?

Proposal via crossword puzzle is unique and awesome, but it is not the only creative way to propose. Here are another 15 of the top proposals we could find:

1. Subway proposal: A Toronto street artist plastered a “Will you marry me?” sign on top of a subway stop!

2. Pick a unique place: Seal proposed to Heidi Klum in an igloo at 14,000 feet and presented her with a 10-carat ring.

3. Movie trailer proposal: This man hired a whole production team to make a mock movie trailer and then showed it at a local theater with all their friends. “She had no idea this was a marriage proposal until the last three seconds of the trailer,” he says in his YouTube info.

4. Strip proposal: Howard Stern ordered his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky to strip nude and then proposed to her right before having sex.

5. On TV: New York Giants player Jason Sehorn proposed to Angie Harmon live on The Tonight Show! Carrie Ann Inaba also received the same treatment on Regis & Kelly.

6. In front of LOVE: A man in New York proposed to his girlfriend in front of the LOVE sculpture in New York City and took her by surprise!

7. On a video game: This couple does not seem particularly excited, but the Super Mario Brothers proposal was very romantic.

8. On the Weather Channel!: This couple got engaged on the Weather Channel (she is a meterologist).

9. Via muppet: OMG. Could this be cuter? This guy made puppets of both he and his fiance and recreated moments in their courtship on video before popping the question.

10. Using the Old Spice: This man used the hot Old Spice man to propose. Kind of confident of him to assume she would still want him after seeing hot Old Spice man!

11. Gigantic boxes: This man hid under a special box he built and tricked his girlfriend into lifting it off him to find him there with a ring.

12. During the Boston Marathon: This dude was running the race but stopped long enough to propose to his lady. How sweet is that?

13. By circus performance: This one actually made me cry it was so sweet. The dude got all his performance art friends together to give his girlfriend the proposal of a lifetime.

14. Musical performance: This one could be fake and is VERY cheesy, but also highly original so it made the cut.

15. Police raid: A lawmaker in Baltimore staged a REAL police raid to propose. HE got in a lot of trouble, but she said yes.
In November 2010, an industry was born. Upon hearing of Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement, scores of retailers scrambled to produce royal wedding memorabilia items that will inevitably sell for thousands of dollars on eBay one day. Here's our roundup of the most sentimental, strange and comically inappropriate commemorative items up for sale right now.

Porcelain bears. The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain company has released a limited edition of 250 bear figurines created in the likenesses of William and Kate. The William bear is dressed in a blue waistcoast and a jacket featuring the letter "C" (for Catherine, Kate's full name), while the Kate bear wears a tiara and a dress with the letter "W" printed on her bodice. You can order the bears online for £175.

Airplane sickness bags. On a less adorable note, British graphic designer Lydia Leith designed souvenir sick bags as a humorous representation of royal wedding overkill. The paper bags, which are selling for £3, show the words "Throne Up" above an illustration of Prince William and his fiancee.

Beer. The fine people at Castle Rock Brewery, the largest in Nottingham, have come up with a special "Kiss Me Kate" beer to celebrate the occasion. Their concoction, which will start being served a month before the wedding, will be "British to the core"—no imported hops or barley allowed. The pale ale will be brewed to five percent and will taste "elegant and full."

Garden gnomes. As kitschy as royal wedding gnomes sound, we're relieved that their creators refrained from designing them in the likeness of the bride and groom. Instead, they've decked the conventional pair of male and female gnomes in wedding gear and hats printed with the Union Jack. B&Q, who also manufactured football gnomes for the 2010 World Cup, are selling the gnomes for £20 a pair.

Comic book. According to illustrator Rich Johnston, Kate & William: A Very Public Love Story, follows a long tradition of "comics for girls in which the girl dreams of meeting someone famous and falling in love."

Vaguely insulting nail polish. Nail care company Butter London gave a nod to the tabloids by releasing a glittery, mauve-lavendar nail polish called "No More Waity, Katie," which pokes fun at Kate's perseverance in waiting for William's proposal. Ouch!

Novelty condoms. Heritage Condoms created their aptly-named line of "Crown Jewels" condoms to celebrate the happy occasion. "Combining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be, Crown Jewels condoms promise a royal union of pleasure. Truly a King amongst condoms," the company says. Though, according to the packaging, "Crown Jewels Royal Wedding Souvenir Condoms are a novelty condom not suitable for contraception or protection against STDs."

Wedding countdown app. In case you're waiting on the edge of your seat for the ceremony to begin.
The Easter Bunny, in case you’ve been living in a cave, on Mars, with your fingers in your ears, is an anthropomorphic, egg-laying rabbit who sneaks into homes the night before Easter to deliver baskets full of colored eggs, toys and chocolate. A wise man once told me that “all religions are beautiful and all religions are wacko,” but even if you allow for miracles, angels, and pancake Jesus, the Easter Bunny really comes out of left field.

If you go way back, though, the Easter Bunny starts to make a little sense. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. Plants return to life after winter dormancy and many animals mate and procreate. Many pagan cultures held spring festivals to celebrate this renewal of life and promote fertility. One of these festivals was in honor of Eostre or Eastre, the goddess of dawn, spring and fertility near and dear to the hearts of the pagans in Northern Europe. Eostre was closely linked to the hare and the egg, both symbols of fertility.

As Christianity spread, it was common for missionaries to practice some good salesmanship by placing pagan ideas and rituals within the context of the Christian faith and turning pagan festivals into Christian holidays (e.g. Christmas). The Eostre festival occurred around the same time as the Christians’ celebration of Christ’s resurrection, so the two celebrations became one, and with the kind of blending that was going on among the cultures, it would seem only natural that the pagans would bring the hare and egg images with them into their new faith (the hare later became the more common rabbit).

The pagans hung on to the rabbit and eventually it became a part of Christian celebration. We don’t know exactly when, but it’s first mentioned in German writings from the 1600s. The Germans converted the pagan rabbit image into Oschter Haws, a rabbit that was believed to lay a nest of colored eggs as gifts for good children. (A poll of my Twitter followers reveals that 81% of the people who replied believe the Easter Bunny to be male, based mostly on depictions where it’s wearing a bowtie. The male pregnancy and egg-laying mammal aspects are either side effects of trying to lump the rabbit and egg symbols together, or rabbits were just more awesome back then.)

Oschter Haws came to America with Pennsylvania Dutch settlers in the 1700s, and evolved into the Easter Bunny as it became entrenched in American culture. Over time the bunny started bringing chocolate and toys in addition to eggs (the chocolate rabbit began with the Germans, too, when they started making Oschter Haws pastries in the 1800s).

The Easter Bunny also went with European settlers to Australia, as did actual bunnies, since there were no indigenous rabbits in Oz. These rabbits, fertile as they are, got a little out of control, so the Aussies regard them as serious pests. The destruction they’ve caused to habitats is responsible for the major decline of some native animals and causes millions of dollars worth of damage to crops. It is, perhaps, not a great idea to use an invasive species as a symbol for a religious holiday, so Australia retired the Easter Bunny and replaced it with the Easter Bilby (below, on the right), an endangered marsupial that kind of looks like a bunny if you squint.
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Everywhere you turn you are probably seeing and hearing the following phrases: “go green,” “eco-friendly,” and “environmentally conscious.” The push, especially for Americans, to reduce pollution and help save the environment is based on evidence that the decisions we have made, and continue to make, are damaging the air we breathe and the land we live on. Read our tips and tricks to help you get started in living a green lifestyle.

If you are looking for more information on what you can do to help save the environment, read The Green Book, by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen.


.Save water by decreasing your shower time -- or rather take a bath, which uses less water than a shower.

.Get in the habit of brushing your teeth with the water off, and encourage your children to do so, as well.

.Recycle – junk mail, cell phones, paper products, plastic bags, and more.

.Switch from paper and plastic bags to reusable bags and totes. Try Envirosax or Dogeared’s neat styles.

.Forget the electric or gas dryer, and hang dry your clothing.

.Opt for direct deposit, online banking, and paperless statements to reduce your paper usage.

.Try your hand at composting (planting scraps from fruits, veggies, and coffee grounds outside), which will help create better soil and less landfill waste.

.Don’t purchase disposable water bottles, but rather use recyclable (and refillable) beverage containers that you can fill with filtered water.

.Unplug all of your appliances when you leave the house to save energy (and prevent a fire hazard).

.If possible, take public transportation or walk.

.Don’t use plastic storage containers, and definitely do not heat food within a plastic container in the microwave.

.Keep one set of dishes at the office, including: a cup, utensils, bowl, and plate. This will prevent you from reaching for disposable utensils, cups, and plates.

.Save stained or ill-fitting clothing to use for dusting and cleaning.

.Use rechargeable batteries -- Duracell now has a line of pre-charged rechargeable batteries!


.Purchase used items from thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and more.

.Rent movies and borrow books, instead of purchasing. Netflix and Blockbuster make it easy by delivering the flicks right to your door.

.If you are in the market for a new car, purchase a hybrid model.

.Select products made of recyclable materials. Nahui Ollin, a handbag designer, has a created line of bags, made from recycled candy wrappers, that are cute and affordable.

.Buy groceries in bulk, as it reduces packaging and the number of trips you take to the grocer. Purchase a membership to a wholesale club, such as Costco or BJ’s.

.If possible, buy items that use less packaging.

.Purchase locally produced food at farmer’s markets and even road-side stands.

.Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of jarred, canned, or frozen.

.Purchase organic foods, as they don’t contain pesticides and harmful chemicals, in addition to organic cotton.

.Follow the celebrity trend and use cloth diapers, as opposed to disposable diapers, which cause landfill waste.

.Select soy or beeswax candles, instead of paraffin candles.

.Use healthy and environmentally friendly cosmetics, such as mineral-based cosmetics and natural bath products.

Be part of the biggest Earth Day yet this April 22. Join us here and on our Earth Day official website.

Earth day fun activities for children and the whole family


William and Kate might like to give this idea for their big day a miss.

A couple have turned the other cheek to tradition by getting married - in a naked wedding.

Melanie Schachner, 26, and Rene Schachner, 31, stripped off for their wedding in Feldkirchen, Austria, while guests remained clothed

Melanie Schachner, 26, and Rene Schachner, 31, had racked their brains to come up with something so memorable for their big day that they would never forget.

The groom and not-so-blushing bride decided to strip off and get married in the nude in front of their family and friends.

They walked down the aisle in a register office service in Feldkirchen, Austria, before celebrating with a reception in a nearby castle.

The bride walked down the aisle in a traditional veil while the groom only had his top hat to cover his modesty

Melanie wore a traditional veil and white high heels. Her breasts were exposed but a flesh-coloured thong covered her nether-regions.

The groom, however, remained totally nude throughout the service, using only a top hat to cover his modesty when posing for wedding pictures.

Thankfully for the couple, the registrar managed to keep her embarrassment under control and make it through the reading of the vows.

Melanie said: 'We're not ashamed of our bodies and we wanted to do something different. It certainly saved on a wedding dress.'

In 2009 Australian couple Ellie Barton and Phil Hendicott, who conducted their nuptials in the nude back in 2009.

They won a radio competition which awarded them a free wedding - as long as they both wore nothing at all.

But their 250 wedding guests were allowed clothes.
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Celebrating the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in their own inimitable style, bosses at Legoland have depicted the happy couple in miniature bricks.

It took a team of model makers at Legoland Windsor over 30 hours to build the tribute to William and Kate's nuptials - depicting them at the palace gates surrounded by crowds and members of the royal family - using 10,000 bricks.

Each of the 10cm tall figures is said to have taken someone almost an hour to make and they include Lego brick versions of guests including, David and Victoria Beckham, Paul McCartney and Elton John.

If you look closely you will also see Lego versions of the Queen, other members of the Royal Family and even a few brick Corgis.

The model of Buckingham Palace used another 160,000 individual bricks and was built on a 1:50 scale and took 550 hours to build.

Sue Kemp, Divisional Director of Legoland Windsor commented: "We’re proud to announce that it’s our 15th birthday this year and what better way to celebrate it than to pay homage to such an amazing royal occasion.

"After all, we’re based in Windsor which is well known for its royal connections!"

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Towering head and shoulders above her parents, this giant teenager is the tallest in the world at a whopping 6ft 10 in and she could still be growing.

Weighing in at 20.5 stone, Malee Duangdee from eastern Thailand knew she was different from a young age, growing much faster than her school friends.

At the age of nine, her mother, Ji, 40, took her to see a doctor because she noticed a difference between her daughter and her friends and she wanted to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong with her.

Medics found a brain tumour that was pressing on a nerve. This caused a hormone imbalance which meant she never stopped growing - and now she has to have an injection that costs £2,000 every three months to control her growth.

Her height brought the 19-year-old problems while she was at school and she suffered from bullies and has memories of a lifetime of loneliness.

She said: 'I used to feel like a freak, schoolchildren used to bully me and call me names. But since leaving school I've tried to feel more comfortable with who I am. I've got used to life on my own, but it's hard.'

As a result of her tumour, Malee has lost her sight. 'I've been tall for as long as I can remember and taking medication is part of my daily life.

'But as I've got older my eyesight has got worse and it's really difficult for me to get around.'

Her mother said that they try to do their best by their daughter, but they struggle financially: 'The injections have really helped to control her growth but they are expensive.

Most of her time is now spent with her family, particularly her three-year-old sister, Daoruang.

'I help my mother around the house and cook meals. I don't do much.

'I've never had a boyfriend. I don't think marriage is possible for someone like me, I'm just too different.

Malee was officially recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest girl in January 2009 knocking Brazilian Elisany Silva off the top spot. She was just 6ft 9in tall.
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A penis shaped sign marks an otherwise nondescript building letting visitors know they are entering the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Husavik, about 298 miles northeast of Reykjavik. According to their website, “it is probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens.” Probably.

Inside, visitors can admire a collection of 261 well-preserved penises from 90 different species. From a 1.7 meter tall sperm whale member to a 2 mm hamster penis, they are all displayed in glass jars full of formaldehyde or mounted on walls.

Non-human penises

The collection is the brainchild of owner Sigurdur Hjartarson, who started out with a single bull’s penis. At that time, it was an odd hobby (!) and over the years, other penises (penii?) have been added to the collection, donated by cooperative hunters and biologists.

The only species not presented in the collection is the homosapiens, although that will likely change in the future. Four men have already pledged to donate their penises to the museum to have them preserved for posterity, after their deaths. For now, the only representation of the human penis is a life size plastic mould of a 52 year old American, who is one of the prospective donors.

Interest in the museum is increasing – last summer 6000 visitors dropped by – and Hjartarson has even begun to make a profit off his collection.

On April 12, 2011 the museum installed its first human specimen. Patron Páll Arason donated his penis to the museum on his death. Arason is described as a former tourism worker who died on January 5, 2011, in the nearby town of Akureyri at the age of 95. Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, the medical director of Akureyri's hospital, didn't give a cause of death but said the specimen was removed from the body under the supervision of a doctor.
Wanda Matthews in her pink bedroom which she converted because of her love of the colour

Wanda Matthews, 20, loved pink from a young age – and, as soon as she moved into her own place, she set about transforming it.

Her bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and children’s playroom are a candy-coloured testament to her passion for pink, with everything from the carpets, wallpaper, furniture and bedding in varying shades of the rosy hue.

Wanda Matthews in her pink kitchen

The mother of two, from Bolton, wears something pink every day from her pink wardrobe, and even her kitchen has a pink kettle, toaster, pots and pans.

She only buys pink cleaning products, listens to a pink iPod and makes calls on her pink mobile. Her young daughters have happily fitted in with the colour scheme, wearing pink clothes and playing with pink toys.

‘You could describe it as over the top. Some people think it’s a bit much but I don’t care – I’ve always loved pink,’ she said.

Her family are used to her fixation but she admits it has left boyfriend Danny, 24, a little bemused.

But it’s too late to stop her now – and there’s always something more to do.

‘I’m looking for some pink wood-paint to do my garden fence with and I’ve found this special heat-proof pink paint for the oven,’ she said.
Cenote Angelita cave in Mexico is really an amazing feature for scuba divers. If you are an expert diver you should visit Cenote Angelita in Mexico. Your dive towards the floor of the water-filled cave is amazing to say the least. As you get deeper the water turns from pure to salty; and the bottom, it’s a river. Deeper than 30 meters the water is pure, and deeper than 60 meters it becomes saline.

Some meters away before you get to the bottom of the cave, you see a river underneath, with trees and leaves floating on some liquid level. However it may seem like a river, it’s not a real river. It’s just a layer of hydrogen sulphide beneath. All in all, it looks startling and unforgettable when you get there and see it with your own eyes.

According to Anatoly Beloshchin, a professional photographer, the underwater scenery is amazing. He describes, “We are 30 meters deep, fresh water, then 60 meters deep – salty water and under me I see a river, island and fallen leaves… Actually, the river, which you can see, is a layer of hydrogen sulphide.”

On your way down you can see spectacular layers of rocks formed during the last ice age. However, as a visitor, cave and cavern divers, you need to learn to be safe and careful. You got to become part of this unique and stunning cave setting to appreciate these amazing archaeological discoveries.

Funny cartoon of the day

Funny cartoon of the day