The gadget is made up of seven individual mirrored panels that wrap right around the body giving a perfect view.

One main mirror is fixed to the wall and the others are attached to two extendable arms on either side.

Each of the six inch arms have a concertina mechanism which helps them to bend around the person who stands in the middle.

When the arms are opened out, the seven panels, which are four inches high, display every single angle of their head - including the very back.

It means that its user can use both hands to style their hair while still being able to see how it looks all the way around.

The mirror can them be folded back up like an accordion and into the main panel for storage.

The 360 Mirror lights up and can be screwed to the wall or stuck on bathroom tiles with suction pads.

It can be bought for £18 via the internet and shipped to Britain by distributing company Old Fashioned Values, based in Kansas City, US.


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