I've always dreamed of celebrating New Year's Eve abroad, like in New York or London. I've always dreamed of watching those fireworks (ow, how I wish...), because we don't have such tremendous fireworks here where I live (I live in a small town). But I believe someday, I'll be there on New Year's Eve :) That's why I want to share the news to you guys, so if you don't have the chance like me, you still can enjoy the reading and imagine like you were there :)

Almost a million people packed a freezing Times Square as the famous Waterford crystal ball descended to cheers at midnight.

New Year's Eve celebrations were cancelled in Colorado's famed ski resort, Aspen, after suspicious packages were found at two banks.

Some 400,000 people braved freezing temperatures in London for a fireworks display beside the Thames.

Egypt, Jordan and Syria - cancelled their planned celebrations in solidarity with Palestinians in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip after a fifth day of Israeli air-strikes on the coastal enclave.

Kiritimati, or Christmas Island, in the Pacific Ocean became the first inhabited place on Earth to celebrate the new year at 1000 GMT.

Residents in Auckland, New Zealand, watched a dramatic fireworks display from the city's Sky Tower.

AUSTRALIA (see pic above)
Huge crowds turned out to watch multi-million dollar fireworks displays in Sydney and Melbourne. In Sydney, a record crowd of up to 1.5 million people watched fireworks explode over the iconic Harbour Bridge. The display, featuring thunder, rain and lightning effects, was the largest ever staged in the city. About 5,000kg of fireworks were used.

The government is not sponsoring any new year events because of the economic downturn.

Celebrations were also muted in the Indian city of Mumbai, following November's deadly attacks on the city. Tight security was planned, with special measures in place along the city's waterfront - where the militants involved in the attacks slipped ashore.

Fireworks shot from the 101-storey Taipei Tower as midnight struck in Taiwan.

More than 250,000 people attended a display in Marina Bay.

Half a million people watched - some on the shore, some from boats - as fireworks shot into the sky from 10 skyscrapers surrounding Victoria Harbour.

Palestinian protesters staged a demonstration near an outdoor concert in Athens during New Year celebrations, chanting slogans and burning Israeli, US and EU flags.
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