With a big bushy moustache and a shock of white hair, scientists have modeled an ultra realistic robot on Albert Einstein.Although it is unable to ponder complex theories such as general relativity, the robot has helped scientists develop their understanding of emotional intelligence.

Einstein can understand and respond to expressions such as sadness, anger, fear, happiness and confusion. It can also mimic simple gestures such as nods.

The software that allows the robot to recognise facial expressions was developed by Mr. Movellan and the University of California (UC) graduates. It is based on a series of algorithms (sequence of instructions) derived from an analysis of more than one million facial images.

The robot, which made its public debut at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in the U.S this month, is being developed at the University of California.

Scientists hope Einstein will help them create empathetic and intelligent robots, which will stop man and machine coming into conflict in the future.
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6 Responses
  1. lizzie Says:

    Very interesting! I want one, but can you make it better looking?

  2. Vinay Rai Says:

    Looks really scary when the mask is removed from the robot's face. Why are they remodelling face of Einstein. Don't they have anything interesting to do now. I know this piece of work is quite complex but the energy and money could have been utilized for something more creative than this.


  3. Sera Melinda Says:

    Yeah, i myself wondered why they didn't make it one of the Jonas brothers look-alike. It must be a sold-out! ;)

  4. Sera Melinda Says:

    Hi, Vinay. U have a good comment on this :)
    Thx 4 sharing ur opinion.

  5. Anney Says:

    hehehe! you made me laugh with the jonas brothers look alike! Maybe in the near future they'll make a handsome looking robot.

  6. Sera Melinda Says:

    now u really make me laugh...... *thinking 'Jonas brothers?!'

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