A pair of gloves that can be played just like a piano? Can you believe it? You better. Here’s Piano Hands for you!

With Piano Hands, you’ll just have to carry a pair of gloves which features sensors that trigger piano notes. No need to worry about the audio output since it comes attached with speakers. And should you need to shift the octave, pressing your hand’s heel on the surface your playing will do the trick.

It features 8 other different instruments such as organ, guitar, violin, drums, trumpet, music box and mandolin.

Features of this Piano Hands:
- It has a learning feature which will help you master the demo songs which are included in the package when you buy the Piano Hands; all ten of them.
- You’ll so enjoy the different groovy rythms (thirthy of them).
- Each fingers on the gloves corresponds to different note.
- It also has an easily-adjustable tempo control.

Buy here.

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  1. richard Says:

    this gloves are cute and very helpful to those people who wish to learn how to play piano and you'll to master a song...

    Have a nice day and thanks for the visit....

    Keep on smiling....

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