Cosmo teamed up with the editors of to find out exactly what guys want this February 14th. Below are some of the gifts they claim they crave....

Gifts That Guys Say They'll Love:

Liqueur Tasting Shot Glasses
Any connoisseur of fine spirits would be glad to receive six 2.25-ounce shot glasses housed in a stylish wood rack. Whether he chooses to enjoy it by himself, with you, or with friends, you can't go wrong with this gift (especially for the price). Available for $20-$25 at

Custom-Designed Chuck Taylor Low Canvas Shoes
One of the coolest companies to come along in the world of shoes, Converse now lets customers design custom footwear that will be stitched together exactly as you want it. From a wide range of options, you can choose your own colors, patterns, stitching options, and more (you can even have your name embroidered above the heel). Available for $60 at

Microbrew of the Month Club
The recipient of this gift will receive a beer sampler once a month from a different, award-winning American microbrewery. Your man will look forward to tasting a new product on a regular basis and hopefully discover a new favorite. Available for $102 at

Ultimate Grilling Gift Set
Regardless of his grilling style, your man will love the variety in this package, which includes cedar and oak grilling planks, Asian, coffee, and assorted rub kits, and more. If he wants to get creative, he'll be able to work succulent magic with the sheets of cedar grilling paper. Available for $50 at

Why We Suck
320 pages of biting, sarcastic humor from one of America’s wittiest comedians, Why We Suck will make you laugh and think. Denis Leary takes a hilarious look at America today — it's politically correct, it's obese, and it's lazy — and isn't afraid to share the truths others shy away from. Available for $27 at
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