Even if you won't be receiving chocolates or other goodies, there are plenty of ways to spend Valentine's Day if you're single and still want to have a good time; so don't even think about picking up that phone to call your ex-girlfriend or your ex-boyfriend. Use Valentine's Day to treat yourself to something good.

Treat yourself
Go to a spa, get a massage or check out the new restaurant you've always wanted to try. Get yourself that Gucci shirt you've seen on display for weeks now or purchase the cool mags for your car -- treat yourself like gold. Do what you enjoy doing most and feel good about yourself.

Have a party
Invite all your single friends or those whose dates are unavailable, and have a bash at your bachelor pad. Get some cocktails, appetizers and music going, and make the night memorable by taking it easy with your close friends.

Attend a party
If you're invited to a party, then go -- with or without a date. No one said that you couldn't participate in Valentine's Day activities if you don't have a Valentine. Hey who knows, you may arrive home with a "momentary" sweetheart.

Veg out
If you've had a hard day at work and just feel like kicking back and lounging at home, then bring home your favorite meal, watch TV, and rent those movies that you've always wanted to watch but never had the chance to. The point is to do whatever you want.

Call up your buds
Gather up your other unattached friends and have a blast. Go out for drinks, shoot some pool, and then cap the night off with some more great drinks, music and dirty jokes.

Treat a friend
Valentine's Day is about love and thanks, but it's not necessarily limited to a girlfriend or boyfriend. So go out of your way and do something nice to show your appreciation for a friend, your family, or a coworker.

Hang out with your favorite female or male
Spend quality time with the girl friend or boy friend that you feel closest to. Who knows, maybe a night of two lonely souls might lead to more interesting casual encounters.

Do the usual
Go about your routine, and it'll feel like just another regular day.
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