Adora Svitak is an eleven-year-old internationally published author, poet, and the youngest teacher and tech savvy in the world.

Her first book, Flying Fingers is a collection of short stories which contains tips and hints for other aspiring writers, numbered almost 300 pages. It was published in the US when she was seven. Subsequently, it was published in Britain, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

She has been teaching schools since she was seven. She has taught in China, Britain, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Dubai, Costa Rica and many states in the US (all expenses paid). Her students come from levels as diverse as kindergarteners to teachers. She has taught more than 300 schools and classrooms.

She is an avid reader, history buff, tech savvy and inspirational speaker. She will be releasing her second book, Dancing Fingers, soon. Dancing Fingers contains the Adora's poems and those of her older sister Adrianna, as well as poetry writing ideas. Her third book is a fantasy coming-of-age novel with political undertones, which will be released next year.

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