Alec Greven originally wrote How To Talk To Girls as a pamphlet for a creative writing project in Castle Rock, Colorado. On the advice of his teachers he sold it at his school fair and donated the profits to fund a new running track for the pupils.

Then, when the local media got hold of the pamphlet, he became an overnight success.

He was invited on to Ellen DeGeneres's television chat show, an appearance which prompted the publisher HarperCollins to sign him up.

His musings, based entirely on his observations of his schoolmates, was turned into a 46-page book which spent five weeks in the New York Times best-seller's list.

Then in December Fox gave Alec a six-figure film deal.

Greven says he managed to become a dating expert at such a young age by watching his classmates try their luck with the opposite sex. He said: "If you are a boy who needs help getting girls, this book has all the answers.

"By the way, all statistics in this book are based on my observations at Soaring Hawk Elementary School.

"The advice isn't just for little kids," Alec says solemnly from his home in Colorado. "The book is for anyone from 8 to 80." Alec, however, isn't exactly drawing on personal experience. "I am a little young yet for kissing and dates," he confesses. "I think I will wait for a bit before I ask a girl
out. But I have had crushes on girls, so I know how that feels."

Some advice from the nine-year-old Romeo:
* it is essential to remember that "girls win most of the arguments and have most of the power". Knowing that now, will make things a lot easier later.
* The pretty girls are mostly best avoided: It is easy to spot them because they have big earrings and all the jewellery. Seek out "regular" girls. Some pretty girls are cold-hearted when it comes to boys, and the pretty girls are the ones who dump boys.
* The secret of success: Comb your hair and try to look clean. But whatever you do, don't act desperate. Girls don't like desperate boys.
* Go for a talkative girl if you are shy.
* Stick out a little, but not too much. You can't be goofy. Cut down on your sugar if you have to.
* Girls always like smart boys. If you are the smartest kid in class, you are like a magnet.
* Copy a boy you think is cool and act exactly like him.
* Don't give up and think girls are gross. They are just girls.
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  1. Maverick Says:

    hats off for the lil kid..nice observation by the way....isnt it....Sera...hehehe
    I should written the Book also when i was young hehehe....might hav been..popular...
    but what hes 99 percent argument on that..
    but one thin i don understand he sayin more about guys to girl what about girl to guys hehehe
    Do u know the ans for tha sera
    Mis ya

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