A photograph shows an alleged footprint of a yeti taken in December 1951 near Mount Everest. British naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough said Friday he thinks it's possible that the legendary abominable snowman, or yeti, exists.

In a BBC TV interview, Britain's Sir David Attenborough (known for his coverage of animals and nature for the BBC) said he is "absolutely baffled" by footprints that may have been left by such a creature.

"Very, very convincing footprints have been found," at 19,000-foot elevations, he said. "Nobody goes up to 19,000 feet just to make a joke."

Japanese mountaineers took this photo in September 2008 of what they believe is a yeti footprint.

It was taken on Mount Dhaulagiri at an altitude of 14,600 feet in northern Nepal. The group's leader, Yoshiteru Takahashi, said he saw a yeti in 2003. "It was in silhouette, it was walking on two legs like a human and looked about 150 centimeters [5 feet] tall."

Legend of the creature inhabiting the Himalayas dates back to at least the 1800s.

Do you believe that yeti exists?

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