For women.

Here are four facts that you almost certainly weren't told by your mother. But knowing them could help you to a more enjoyable sex life.

Fact one: climaxing isn't that easy
For most females, learning to climax is quite a difficult and time-consuming business.

A research shows that the average British female doesn't start having reliable orgasms until about two years after she first has sex with a man!

In general, the ability to 'come' has to be learned over a considerable period of time.

Fact two: almost any woman can ‘come’
Practically any woman should be able to have orgasms - and indeed multiple orgasms - if she really wants to.

Back in your mum's day, sex was still quite a taboo subject and talking about orgasms was even more taboo.

However, we now know that:
* virtually any woman can have an orgasm – if her clitoris is stimulated long enough and expertly enough (and of course provided that she's in the right mood!).
* similarly further intense stimulation after the first orgasm will usually produce another.. and another... and another...

Fact three: masturbation is OK
Sex experts now agree that masturbation can be enormously useful in helping a woman:
* to learn how to reach orgasm
* to learn how to reach multiple orgasm.

So don't hesitate to go for it. Masturbation is a lot more reliable and safe than having sex with a stranger!

Fact four: oral sex is OK too
A generation ago, oral sex was widely considered to be something rather ‘dirty'.

So your mum probably didn’t tell you that:
* oral sex is a great help to many women in reaching a climax
* it’s very helpful to men who have erection difficulties
* for a lot of people (admittedly, not everyone), it’s jolly good fun!

Your mum may also have never spelled out to you how desire can fluctuate according to where you are in your menstrual cycle, and also depending upon how well you are currently getting on with your partner.

Also, stress and tiredness have big adverse effects on sex. Your mum may not have known this – let alone have thought to tell you.
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  1. Wew, great facts about sex

    thanks for sharing

  2. Sera Melinda Says:

    @kampanye damai
    U r welcome :)

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