Believe it or not, here's the world predictions for 2009 (written by two psychics, Craig & Jane, submitted to Spirit & Destiny magazine for Jan 2009 issue):

1. There will be an assassination attempt on Barack Obama

2. There will be serious tensions within Europe as the Euro free falls with both France and Germany threatening to leave.

3. Gordon Brown will be forced out of office and an early election will be called.

4. A number of C of E bishops and senior ecclesiastical leaders convert to Catholicism simultaneously threatening to undermine the very existence of the church.

5. There is a world wide rekindling of socialist ideals and a major swing back towards communism in Russia.

6. There will be a major terrorist attack in Dubai

7. There will be a serious pollution problem in France – possibly in Paris with the contamination of the River Seine. Also a dam will burst in the Far East – maybe China.

8. Britain sees many of its top companies go bust and in particular holiday firms, aviation companies and the building companies.

9. Victoria Beckham will become pregnant with a long awaited daughter. And Jordan will announce she’s pregnant too.

10. There will be a knife attack on a top celebrity

So, let's see, people, whether those predictions would happen in 2009 :) Or do you have your own predictions for 2009? Let me know.
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