There was an online survey of "America's Favorite Cities' by Travel + Leisure magazine. The survey of 125,000 people ranked 25 U.S cities in 45 categories ranging from most affordable to friendliest people.

Here's some of the results:

- The most beautiful people = THE SUNSHINE STATE'S METROPOLIS
- The least beautiful people = PHILADELPHIA

- The best city for a wild weekend = LAS VEGAS & NEW ORLEANS

- The best for a family weekend = FLORIDA (Theme-park rich Orlando)
- The least favorite for a family weekend = LAS VEGAS

-The best for historical sites/monuments = WASHINGTON D.C.

- The smartest locals = WASHINGTON D.C. & SEATTLE

- The friendliest people = CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA
- The least friendly people =

- The most inteligent people = LOS ANGELES

- The best for shopping, arts, diverse residents, and skyline = NEW YORK

- The most affordable city = SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS
- The least affordable, peaceful, and quiet = NEW YORK

- The most peaceful and quietest = SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO

- The cleanest city = PORTLAND

- The best in environmental awareness, outdoor life, and public transportation = PORTLAND

- The best for a romantic escape and best weather = HONOLULU

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