Here are six hot career fields you may not have heard of:

Eco Tourism Director
Ecotourism is growing at three times the rate of traditional vacationing, increasing annually up to 30 percent. If you're just preparing for the field, seek an associate's degree in hospitality, travel, or tourism. If you're already aboard, why not train to manage a hotel, bed and breakfast, spa, or resort with a graduate degree in business or hospitality? Top earners in 2007 averaged $83,240 for the year.

Professional Hacker
To get into the field, you'll need more than the hacking skills you tweaked together in your garage. Begin by earning a bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology. The top 50 percent of computer scientists earned between $97,970 and $123,900 in 2007.

Pet Psychologist
As with human patients, pets can be analyzed and taught to act contrary to destructive impulses. To get into the field, you'll need a master's or doctorate degree in psychology, preferably with additional work in zoology and animal behavior. can be upwards of $90,000 a year.

Conservation Consultant
Combine your thirst for conservation with an engineering degree to prepare for this thriving field. The top 50 percent increased in environmental engineers earned between $70,000 and $106,000.

Fashion Consultant/Personal Shopper
Fashion designers and consultants help those who can afford personal attention to transform their image. You can be the one to consult on hair, makeup, and fashion--and then be the one to take your clients shopping. Top earners took home $121,640 on average.

Mobile Experience Architect
The cool streaming videos and eye-popping CD covers that get delivered to the screens of millions of cell phones and PDAs each hour are designed to make you spend money. You'll need to learn about marketing, strategy, and user testing through a degree program in computer science, Web design, or business. Salaries range into six figures.

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  1. Maverick Says:

    hey sera doctors...r left hehehe...coz they r also gettin hi paid...

  2. Sera Melinda Says:

    Thx 4 da input, rav. But dont 4get, da article is about 'unusual job' :)

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