According to Rita DeMaria, author of "The 7 Stages of Marriage, " there are phases that all marriages go through.

The book provides “marriage education” for dealing with the difficulties and joys of marriage. "Marriage education is like a vaccine” to keep a relationship healthy, she said.

The stages discussed by DeMaria go in an evolutionary pattern:

  • Passion (before marriage and up to 2 years after) -- The romantic honeymoon period in which mates are the only thing that matter to each other.
  • Realization (1 to 3 years) -- The passion fades and couples begin to discover each others' true selves.
  • Rebellion (2 to 5 years) -- The most volatile period, when each person yearns for a return to freedom and asserts his or her own self-interest.
  • Cooperation (3 to 15 years) -- The longest period, when children and increased domestic responsibilities transform lovers into business partners.
  • Reunion (12 to 20 years) -- The "empty nest" period after the busy years.
  • Explosion (any time) – When illness, job loss and family crises happen, altering a marriage for months, even years.
  • Completion (25 years or more) -- A thoroughly joyful culmination of a life together.
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3 Responses
  1. Maverick Says:

    This is a good one...thumbsup... need some more details..
    NOw a days couple...dont know what marriage they need too be...trained..on that hahahaha

  2. Sera Says:

    Sorry, i didnt put more details cuz it would waste a lot of space and make readers lazy to finish reading.
    U know, i'm still at the first pattermn "PASSION". Just hope the passion won't go away as the years fly by..... :) Thx 4 ur comment :)

  3. Maverick Says:

    it will not go away sera...until u have love involved..
    well u bith have too play the part in that....once u have to seduce and other time its the time for..ur husband..
    and also u can try about diff lovin type also
    so that there is always a new feelin involved..
    try with touch....whether u can idetify each other..
    and as u go along ur bond wil be..good...

    and about the comment ur always welcome...

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