Orgasmic dysfunction is an inhibition of the orgasmic phase of the sexual response cycle. A woman or man may respectively be diagnosed with Female Orgasmic Disorder or Male Orgasmic Disorder though for men it is less common.

When men experience difficulty in achieving sexual climax, the cause is usually medical, drug or alcohol-related, though these factors can contribute to women’s difficulties achieving sexual climax as well. For women, the condition is referred to as primary when the female has never experienced orgasm through any means of stimulation. The problem is called secondary if the woman has attained orgasm in the past but is currently nonorgasmic. For men, the disorder might present itself as an inability to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse or it might be seen as ejaculation only after prolonged and intense non-intercourse stimulation.

1. Some drugs.
2. Medical conditions that affect the nerve supply to the pelvis (such as multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, and spinal cord injury).
4. Hormone disorder.
5. Chronic ilnesses.
6. Negative attitudes toward sex in childhood.
7. Experiences of sexual abuse or rape.
8. The problem may be related to marital strife and lack of emotional closeness.
9. Boredom and monotony in sexual activity.

Primary orgasmic dysfunction, wherein the woman has never experienced an orgasm, appears to characterize about 10% to 15% of women. Surveys generally suggest that somewhere between 33% to 50% of women experience orgasm infrequently and are dissatisfied with how often they reach orgasm. Performance anxiety is believed to be the most common cause of orgasm problems, and 90% or more of orgasm problems appear to be psychogenic (nonorganic) in nature.

Education about sexual stimulation and response, and healthy attitudes toward sex tend to minimize problems. The principle of taking responsibility for one’s own sexual pleasure is also vitally important. Couples who realize that they must verbally and nonverbally guide their partner in providing them with the stimulation that feels best will undoubtedly experience this problem less frequently. It is also important to realize that one cannot will a sexual response, and the harder a woman focuses on willing an orgasm to happen, the more elusive the achievement of orgasm will become.

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