Training for the Body
1. Exercise can calm the mind and relieve stress.
2. The cardio, strengthening, and conditioning help boost the immune system.
3. Quit smoking

Pay Attention to Your Mouth
Use an antiseptic mouthwash to help improve your dental health and may help fend off other illnesses.

An Apple a Day Really Works
A natural antioxidant called quercetin, found in red apples as well as broccoli and green tea, may give an immunity boost to individuals under stress.

Don't Worry, Conquer Stress
Stop worrying about getting sick. The fear and expectation of having something adverse happen actually lowers immunity. Constant worrying causes cortisol and epinephrine levels to rise - and these stress hormones can weaken the body's overall immunity.

Up Your Vitamin Intake
Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C. Having an appropriate amount of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables can boost immunity.

Mind Over Body
Every thought is accompanied by a chain of biochemical reactions in your body. So a positive attitude can increase levels of nitric oxide, which help to balance neurotransmitters, improve immunity, and increase circulation.

Just Say Om
Meditation practice helps to calm your nervous system and allows the immune system to function with less interference. A calmer mind means a calmer body.

Increase Your Social Ties
Individuals who belong to multiple social groups are less likely to develop colds when exposed to a virus.

Accentuate the Positive
People who have a positive emotional style -- described as happy, enthusiastic, and calm -- are less likely to catch colds.

Wash Your Hands - Over and Over
During cold and flu season, wash your hands with soap many times during the day because you're in contact with all kinds of pathogens -- door knobs, stair railings, other people. You really want to have clean hands. According to the CDC, proper hand washing for 20 seconds is the most effective way to avoid the 1 billion colds that Americans catch each year, not to mention other infectious diseases.

Get Your ZZZs
A good night's sleep will restore the immune system because when you get a good night's sleep, melatonin levels rise and that improves immunity.
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