Make the room seeth-and-breath. Walls will melt, spoons will bend, and your hand will quiver.

1. Stare at the center for at least ten seconds. Your eyes will want to look away, but focus on the center as intently as you can.

2. Stare at any solid object in your house - e.g. your hand, a book, a friend, and watch it warp!

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For more on illusions -- see Al Seckel's 2004 TEDTalk

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6 Responses
  1. David Funk Says:

    Hi Sera! Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Easter friend!

  2. Dee Says:

    This is awesome, Sera! And so much fun too. The writing in my mug did quiver! Cool! Happy Easter!:D

  3. Dorothy L Says:

    Very cool and very dizzy :)
    Thanks for the experience!

    Have a very Happy Easter Day!

  4. Brigitte Says:

    hi sera. tnx for the easter card! you,re just the sweetest thing!!!

  5. Brigitte Says:

    here is my thank you message...

  6. Sera Melinda Says:

    @Dee & Dorothy
    Wow, you guys seem really enjoy it :D

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