Basically it’s a plastic bag to go to the bathroom in, but this simple little bag employs some sophisticated sustainable solutions and solves some pretty daunting problems.

In the developing world clean water and sanitation are very scarce. This is due to over population and lack of infrastructure and poses a serious health risk to the affected populations. In these parts of the world not only do they lack the infrastructure to attain clean water, they also lack the infrastructure needed to deal with all their waste, so they end up contaminating the little water they have. Around the world, one child dies every 15 seconds from to contaminated water.

The Peepoo bag is the solution. It is a very inexpensive and easily deployable.

How It Works…The Peepoo bag is a long thin bag (14 x 38 cm) with a guaze liner, and coated on the inside by a thin film of Urea. Urea is the most common fertiliser in the world and is a non-hazardous chemical. When the urea comes into contact with faeces or urine, an enzymatic breakdown takes place into ammonia and carbonate, driven by enzymes which are naturally occurring in faeces. As the urea is broken down, the pH value of the material increases and hygienisation begins. Waste born pathogens (viruses, bacteria and parasites) are killed over a period of a couple hours to a few weeks.

The Peepoo bags are biodegradable, and when the bags degrade in the soil, the ammonia byproduct acts as a harmless fertiliser taken up by the plants. So not only does the Peepoo bag help them get rid of hazardous waste, it provides a valuable agricultural resource.

An added benefit is that the Peepoo bags provide a sanitation while conserving one of their most valuable resources, water. The system doesn’t require any water, other than to wash your hands after use.

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  1. Anney Says:

    What a great idea since it not only improves sanitation but converts to fertilizer as well. I wonder How much each bag costs.

  2. David Funk Says:

    That's an interesting item to say the least. However, one can see the benefits of it in areas not as advanced as some others.

    I've never heard of this item until now, and thanks for sharing!

    Sorry for not coming by yesterday. I was out of town and didn't get back until very late.

    Best wishes and thanks for all your comments on my blog, too!:)

  3. amiable amy Says:

    thanks for the visit

  4. Power guys Says:

    nice blog keep it up

  5. Dee Says:

    This is an excellent invention! Very good. It's nice to see things like this. :D

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