The collection of award-winning science-fair projects will make you feel dumb. Each and every one of the projects won their teenage researchers big prizes and hefty scholarships to ensure their future success.

In the category of mathematics, 17-year old Sana Raoof of Jericho High School in Jericho, New York produced this mind-bender to win the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award and $50,000 scholarship in the 2008 fair in Atlanta. She chose Harvard, which no doubt feels privileged to have won the bidding for this brilliant young mathematician.

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, annually provides a forum for more than 1,500 high school students from over 40 countries to showcase their independent research. The Intel ISEF is the premiere science competition in the world exclusively for students in grades 9–12.

Each year, millions of students worldwide compete in local and school-sponsored science fairs; the winners of these events go on to participate in Intel ISEF-affiliated regional and state fairs from which the best win the opportunity to attend the Intel ISEF. The Intel ISEF unites these top young scientific minds, showcasing their talent on an international stage, enabling them to submit their work to judging by doctoral level scientists—and providing the opportunity to compete for nearly $4 million in prizes and scholarships.

The Intel ISEF 2009 will be held May 10-16, 2009 in Reno, NV.

10 Winning Science Fair Projects That Will Make You Feel Dumb

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7 Responses
  1. Anney Says:

    These kids are really gifted! Their parents must have been so very proud of them.

  2. Sera Melinda Says:

    I couldn't help but thinking how those teenagers could be that smart (*compared to me, hahahahaha....). Their ideas and inventions are brilliant. They really can change the world.

  3. Dee Says:

    Wow! They're amazing! It would be awesome to have more of these kids. :)

  4. Sera Melinda Says:

    Hi Dee,
    I couldn't agree more :)

  5. Maverick Says:

    Thats Called Billion in One..
    Gem of all the Gems..
    If we have Millions of these kids...even when they re grown..
    can u imagine how fast the human trusted towards the future that we have seen in movie.
    Well that will be actual reality

  6. Sera Melinda Says:

    Yup! Hope these kids will make difference for the world, specially with their inventions. Maybe they can change the world.

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