(Shepard Fairey's campaign poster for Obama)

President Barack Obama has been elected to lead the free world and has the opportunity to make great changes in the country and throughout the entire world. It's never easy to be president, but here are less-obvious reasons it's good to be Barack Obama right now.

1. His kids had dolls made in their likeness as part of the TyGirlz collection.
The company denied that they were modeled after the Obama girls -- despite the names, Malia and Sasha, and the incredible similarities. The names were later changed.

2. The whole country is helping him pick a dog.
When the Obamas announced they were in the market for a new dog, the public went crazy with suggestions. The media could not get enough coverage of their choice. The Portuguese Water Dog grew in popularity after Michelle Obama mentioned this might be the breed the family chooses, but the first family is still in the hunt for a first dog.

3. He has an entourage that would give their lives for him.
Being president means you have Secret Service around you at all times, and they would give up their lives to save his. That should make him feel pretty secure.

4. He gets his own airplane, helicopter and fleet of vehicles.
The presidential transportation isn't too shabby. Catching a cab, waiting in traffic and cleaning your own car is a thing of the past if you are the president. Who waits in traffic when you can have your own helicopter drop you off wherever you need to be?

5. Ben & Jerry's Ice cream named after him.
Stephen Colbert and President Obama both have their own Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors -- Americone Dream and Yes, Pecan (hint for Southerners: It rhymes with "Yes, We Can!" So they don't pronounce "pecan" correctly in Vermont). Being immortalized in ice cream is pretty cool.

6. Grammy award winner
Obama won for the audio version of his book "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream." He won another spoken word Grammy in 2005 for his book "Dreams from My Father."

7. His address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
How cool is it to live in such a famous house? Every President since John Adams has gotten to live there. The White House is an iconic landmark that many great people have had the opportunity to call "home."

8. Obamiconme.com
Obamiconme.com allows people to create their own images and posters inspired by Shepard Fairey's campaign poster for Obama. You can upload your own picture and have it changed into the red, white and blue theme like the picture or use a picture of somebody else.

9. Beyonce herself sings for just for you and your wife.
For the first dance after his inauguration, the Obamas danced to Etta James' classic tune "At Last," performed by Beyonce. Beyonce sang a soulful rendition of the song while the Obamas danced and smiled.

10. Loved by Oprah.
It is good to be on Oprah's list of favorites. She is one of the most powerful women in media and has people tuning into her show just about every day to hear what she has to say. Having the divine Miss "O" on your side is a huge boost.

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