Beer Ice Cream - PHILIPPINES. At 3% alcohol, the P60.00 per scoop ice cream is the only one of its kind that comes with a warning label: 18 years and above only.

Elfav is short for El Favorito, that brand of ice cream that Filipinos may be familiar with - especially to suppliers.

It does taste good. Imagine a bottle of beer chilled with the Beer Below Zero technology - and freeze that moment (pun intended!). That’s exactly what the ice cream tastes like.

Elfav also serves Yakult Ice Cream. Apart from Yakult, they also have Wasabi, Turrones, Fruit Cake (!!!) flavored ice cream. Elfav makes their own iced cream, so although they have traditional and eccentric flavors (Coffee, Cheese, Ube, Bailey’s), you’ve never tasted their concoctions before in any other ice cream parlor.

Nitrogen Ice Cream. Another story comes from Zenses, an ice cream parlor in Manila.

Zenses is promoting itself as the first and only Molecular Gastronomy experience in Manila. Aside from the Nitro-Ice Cream, Zenses offers a wide assortment of weird food pairings like their allegedly famous Strawberry Ribs, where coriander and strawberry are mixed in with the ribs.
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5 Responses
  1. Anney Says:

    I have never tried Nitrogen ice cream yet. I'm very curious. It's a bit pricey compared to regular ones.I wonder how it tastes like..hmmm

  2. Vinay Rai Says:

    Beer ice cream looks good and is really nice, but it is being served to youngsters which is against the law in our country. other ice creams are also very good. Nitro ice cream is one that I have never heard of before. I hope to read a detailed post about it on your blog.

  3. Sera Melinda Says:

    Once u have tried it, let me know ok?

  4. Sera Melinda Says:

    No, the beer ice cream is only sold to 18 years and above.

    About the detail of the nitrogen ice cream, just click on link below the post.

  5. Maverick Says:

    Hmm....Beer we can take that too office also..then hehehe...
    Nitro Ice Cream looks cool but i hope it will not freeze our in terminator...hehehe

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