The glasses utilize infrared viewing technology. This allows them to penetrate certain materials (i.e. swimwear and various synthetic materials) much better than ultra-violet based optics. They function indoors and in the wild-low light doesn't appear to be a problem with these glasses.

They also come with a palm sized portable digital video recorder (imagine that...) so you can have a memoir of your peeping at 470 lines of resolution-in color. This device hooks up to the glasses through a thin cable. A wireless version is available as well.And with a battery time of about 5 hours, you'll be able to get plenty of video to incriminate yourself.

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And if those pictures are accurate, these glasses do what they're supposed to do.

Not every country allows optics of this type. So if you buy these whoppers, make sure that you won't be spending the rest of your life in a "Midnight Express" kind of setting. Personally, I find no appeal in a Turkish-prison lifestyle.

These suckers run $2400.00. The wireless version runs $400.00 more. If a kid could afford that... well that kid would either be the best entrepreneur on the planet or the demon spawn of a very well off family that simply doesn't monitor what their child is doing.

You can grab these glasses on Advance-intelligence.
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7 Responses
  1. Dorothy L Says:

    I have heard that airports were looking into this type of new security device.

    Yikes....personally unless you are in the security business at the airport...the only reason you would want these is because you are a pervert, peeper and downright a typical loser.
    Whatever happened to a persons right to privacy..Jeesh.

  2. Anney Says:

    Look at the technology, who would think something like this would be invented. At least they can just see..not touch. hehehe! Sera please feel free to grab the award! Thanks for always visiting my blog. Have a nice week!

  3. richard Says:

    nice gadgets heheheh..I have a tag for you...

    Have a nice day and keep on smiling...

  4. Sera Melinda Says:

    I couldn't agree more. If these glasses are used for bad intention, then he's totally a pervert, peeper and downright a typical loser.

    But the price is high, if somebody buys them, that means he's a maniac! hahahaha....

  5. Sera Melinda Says:

    Yup, speaking of today's technology, everything can be made possible by humans.

    Thx for the award :)

  6. Sera Melinda Says:

    hahahhaha... I guess guys would b interested in this gadget, including u, huh?

    Thx for the tag, Richard!

  7. fox Says:

    hmmm... must have item.... hmmm...

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