Today, there might be more than thousands of dessert companies that are involved in making some of the finest ice creams, puddings, cakes and brownies. However, there are a few weird looking desserts that not only look ugly but their taste can upset your stomach if you are not used to having them.

Octopus Ice Cream

We have always perceived the octopus as an ugly creature that has long tentacles to catch its prey and has slimy substances attached to the skin of its body. The Japanese have now come up with an innovative octopus ice cream that looks almost like it, but made from blackcurrant ice cream. The color of the ice cream is dark grey blue and has been made out from the combination of various dairy products and octopus which is blended well to make the ice cream thick and creamy. Though, this ice cream is available in packed containers, some serve it with long tentacles and a big scoop of this ice cream in the center, which becomes the body of octopus.

Squid Ice Cream

Not really sure how Japanese people convert sea food into desserts but they have another competitor for the octopus ice cream. Yes, the Japanese serve squid ice cream with a squid. The ice cream itself is made by blending thousands of squids and getting the pulp of their body and than mixing it with milk and other products that convert it into thick ice creams. Squid ice creams are also served with smaller pieces of squids in it and the ice cream is usually served in a ice cream cone rather than a scoop on the plate.

Noodle Ice Cream

Most of people love eating noodles when they are celebrating some parties or even when they are alone and have nothing much to eat, but what if those noodles are ice cold! In that case you have accidentally grabbed the wrong plate and the wrong dish because it’s not the regular hot noodles but noodles ice cream. The noodles ice cream look really like any other noodles but instead of tastemakers, noodle ice cream has a combination of brownies and other sweet confectionaries to make the product better.

Horseflesh Ice Cream

If you are opting for this dessert after your meal than make sure you do so at your own risk because this dessert has a piece of raw meat inside. Yes, the horseflesh ice cream probably is the ugliest dessert because you can see big pieces of raw horseflesh sticking out from the top.

Tomato Ice Cream

If you are a vegetarian than you can go ahead with some courage and try the tomato ice cream which is becoming popular in various parts of Europe. The ice cream is made from tomatoes and the scoop of the ice cream is on a slice of thick juicy tomato and it will be decorated with other vegetables to make it look uglier.

Viagra Ice Cream

Ice creams are more popular with kids but Viagra ice cream is something which would look awkward if any child is holding it, not because it contains Viagra but because the ice cream comes in the shape of a long erect penis! Now, that can be very offensive in some Asian countries.

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  1. cow flesh ice cream!! eeek!

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