A mother hippopotamus gives her female calf a nudge on the behind as they swim. Visitors to Beijing zoo can view the animals then eat other members of their species. Photograph: Ken Bohn/AFP/Getty Images

"Don't feed the animals, but feel free to feed on them in the restaurant"

At the Beijing Zoo, of course! If you make your way to the zoo in that friendly city up north, you may not be able to feed the animals you see, but you'll be more than welcome to put them in your mouth. Other exotic dishes on the menu: crocodile, scorpion, peacock, ostrich egg and shark fin soup, all for very affordable prices at between 100 and 1000RMB!

Conservationists have been outraged since the Legal Daily reported on the zoo's menu, but as The Guardian reports, the sale of exotic animal meats at the zoo has gone on for years with approval from the authorities. What on earth have Chinese conversationists been doing all these years, you wonder?

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