Depending on your point of view, you could say every job in fashion is, at its heart, not just a little bit silly. But believe it or not, there are oh-so-many levels of ridiculousity. After reading the news about Rachel Bilson being named Sunglass Hut’s new (and first of its kind) “Eyewear Ambassador”—“I can’t say what makes me a good style adviser for them, but I am a huge sunglasses addict,” she told WWD—we started thinking about other funny and/or odd fashion jobs. They are, of course, presented after the jump!

1. Flatulence Smell-Reduction Underwear Maker: No, really? Yeah, really. According to AOL’s Jobs site, this type of employment demands that workers “create underwear that protect against bad human gas for people who suffer from gastrointestinal problems.” The undies are apparently infused with materials and filters designed to combat bad smells. Guh-ross.

2. Fit Model: A fit model is sort of like a real model, but flies completely under the radar. Basically, if you can boast very specific body measurements that conform to industry standards, you can get paid (well) to stand as still as you possibly can while designers poke pins in the dress they’re trying to fit you with.

3. Nail Polish Namer: Ever wonder how beauty companies come up with catchy names for products (like oh, say, Commander in Chic or Candy Apple Sundae or whatever)? While the job can bounce from the Creative Director’s office to the copy department, or marketing and product development divisions, perhaps you too, can be the one who comes up with goofy product names.

4. Fashion Closet Editor: A ridic job, to be sure, and yet, such an important one. At major fashion magazines where editorial samples are being pushed between stylists, designers and publicists at breakneck speed, this editor’s job is to track each and every item that comes in (and out) of the closet, and to direct an army of interns to help organize and messenger said products. Why do we have the feeling this job is not as glamorous as it sounds?

5. Trend Forecaster: There is a very select group of hipsters in L.A. and New York who get paid by huge companies to scout out “trends”—what the kids are doing on the street—and report back. The job entails being about 10 steps ahead of the Urban Outfitters and American Apparels of the world (in fact, they employ them in the first place), and traveling the world to snap photos and collect notes on what will be the next big thing. Ridiculous? Sure. Awesome? Totally.
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