Pools mean parties, exercise, relaxation, romance and the list goes on. Those who love the water know that a cool pool looks good and somehow blends with the landscape, environment, and the climate.

It will be worth it to drop by one of these places to take a dip if you are in the area.

San Alfonso Del Mar Pool
This pool in Algarrobo, Chile holds about 66 million gallons of water and built over 20 acres of land. When you see this pool, you will think you are seeing a mini-ocean. The Guinness World Book of Records gives it the title of being the largest pool in the world. The deepest point is at 115 feet and you might not want to swim here but kayaking is the in thing.

Pool at the Intercontinental Hong Kong

Aside from the comfy teak decks, romantic sunbeds, and pool concierge, the underwater music is just awesome. There are also spa pools in the roof complex overlooking the Victoria Harbor. You can also get some pool side tai chi lessons from the renowned master William Ng.

Viceroy Pool
The main pool at the Viceroy hotel in Miami, Florida stretches 205 feet, making it the longest pool in Florida. They also have a big hot tub good for 80 persons. The hot tub is the world’s largest. The design of the pool wants to reflect the Miami River flowing through the downtown of the city, and it was able to achieve that as the pool passes through the condos of Icon Brickell.

The King’s Pond at the Four Seasons Hualalai
The King’s Pond is inspired by the anchialine ponds of Hawaii. These ponds are bodies of water locked inland but have connections to the ocean via subterranean natural pipes. The man-made King’s Pond sculpted from two centuries old volcanic rock feeds from the ocean and natural springs. By the way it is also an aquarium, a big 1.8 million gallon one which houses 60 species of fish and eagle rays. Yes you get to swim with them!

Nemo 33 in Brussels
This pool in Belgium is the deepest recreational pool in the world at 108 feet. It is one of the most famous diving facility because of its funky and playful design. It is a dive pit that features flat platforms, big windows for visitors, and even underwater caves for divers to explore.

The Tank, Las Vegas
The Tank is a one of a kind $30 million pool in the heart of the Sin City. You can swim with 16 kinds of sharks, stingrays, and about 300 varieties of fish. Okay, you cannot really swim, swim with them but there is a three-storey slide which will shoot through the 200,000 gallon tank in 8 seconds.

Pool at the Grace Hotel, New York City
Some of the hottest events in the New York Times Square happen in this indoor pool. The lighting sets up the mood and the night gets wild when party goers make most of the 40 foot bar connected to the pool. There is a projector for movies, stadium seats, and a big shared sauna close to the DJ’s booth. Aside from the cool pool, celebrity sightings are very frequent.

Crocosaurus Cove, Australia
At this pool in Darwin, Australia, visitors can get into the “cage of death”. It is a two person acrylic cage dropped from a monorail and gives you access to come face to face with 18 foot crocodiles. There is also another section of the pool where people can watch the crocs from afar. If you can not take being in the water with the big creatures there is also a pool where you can view baby crocodiles.

Hotel Valley Ho

The pool at the Hotel Valley Ho in Arizona not only boasts of a retro martini glass design but also a colorful history when famous stars like Rock Hudson, Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Grable frequent the place.

Grand Wailea Canyon Activity Pool in Hawaii
This is the only pool in the world where people can be lifted to ground level with water elevator. It is a big wet play ground. The 25,700 square foot destination has free form pools connected by a manmade rushing river that carries people at lazy river flows to white water crazy speeds. There are also slides to enjoy, scuba pool, and a Tarzan pool where you can swing from rope to rope.

Amangiri Pool in Utah
This new luxury resort in the heart of the desert canyons opened in October 2009 has a pool built around a large rock formation. It has a negative edge design so all you will see while swimming is the big rock, water, reflections, and the sky.

W Hotels Fort Lauderdale

Where in the world will you see a glass-encased staircase. If you are going down you can see the people in the swimming pool and they can also gawk at you. The excellent interior and exterior concepts are by Clodagh.

Hayman Island Resort Australia

The Hayman Island Resort features a saltwater pool with a central fresh water pool. Yes, it is a big pool within a bigger pool the seven times the size of an Olympic pool. The resort is just near the Great Barrier Reef and it is the one of its kind in the southern hemisphere.


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