We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth
—Virginia Satir, family therapist

Hugging is healthy. It helps the body's immune system, keeps you healthier; cures depression, reduces stress, induces sleep. It's invigorating and rejuvenating, has no unpleasant side effects, and hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.

Hugging significantly increases your body's production of endorphins.Hugging is all natural. It's organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and 100% wholesome. Hugging is practically perfect: no moving parts,no batteries to wear out, no periodic checkups, low energy consumption, high-energy yield, inflation-proof, non-fattening, no monthly payments, no insurance requirements, theft-proof, nontaxable, nonpolluting, and, of course,fully returnable.

There are several types of hugs:

1. The A-frame hug - this involves only the heads touching of each person. It is more formal in nature and generally used on new acquaintances or in a business setting.

2. The Heart-Centered hug - it is considered to be the highest form of hugging. This involves full body contact by both parties. This form of hugging acknowledges each other from deep within. It is usually reserved for very close friends and family.

3. The Self hug - this involves you hugging yourself. This hug allows you to show yourself love and compassion. It gives you a sense of self- worth.

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