A Polish zoo has invested millions in the largest elephant house in Europe. Hopes were high that Ninio would sire a whole herd, but he's showing a lack of interest in females that could cost him his place at the zoo.

Gays, Jews, and animal rights activists in the Polish town of Poznan have a new hero.

10-year-old Ninio is already an outcast. Born in an Israeli zoo, he has changed towns because nobody wanted to keep him.

Here is the issue with Ninio: he's not interested in female elephants, and his attitude to males has been described as 'affectionate.'

But zoo keepers are not certain that this means he is gay.

Zoo keeper Robert Dabrowski says we should wait and see.

“Elephants reach sexual maturity by 14, so he is just a baby,” Dabrowski says adding “we put him in a separate cage because of his previous bad behavior. He is big so he can bully smaller ones."

So Ninio has a few years before his sexuality can be determined, but he's already become somewhat of a white elephant for the zoo. They spent $11 million on this house for a big herd, and as one local politician put it, not for a gay elephant to live here.

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