You might think your partner has a beautiful smile but if you want to win her heart, compliment her on being thin.

The best way to please a woman is to mention her weight loss, research has revealed.

According to the study of 2,000 men and women, ladies love it best when their men say they look thinner than normal.

A spokesman for Dental Care Plus Implant Centres, which conducted the study, said: 'Women are complex creatures, and men would be mistaken to think they couldn’t go wrong with a compliment.

'Women appear to love any compliments which suggest they are beautiful, and have good features - such as fantastic natural teeth, lips, hair or legs.

'In particular they want to appear thin to everyone around them, so commenting on weight loss is a sure fire way to score brownie points.

'But you could get into hot water for saying that someone looks like they have eaten well, or that they look quite broad around the shoulder.'

The study suggests women like it when men say a dress or colour really suits them, and a third simply love to be told they look gorgeous.

n contrast, men get into trouble if they make mention of weight gain - and a quarter of women take great insult to being told they look like their mum or dad.

Other back-handed compliments include ‘you’re not as stupid as you look’ and ‘you don’t look as bad as I thought you would’.

Incredibly, only half of women actually take compliments well - and four in 10 prefer to have them from a partner than anyone else.

Unfortunately for men, 36 per cent of girls have ended up in a mood because they misunderstood something which was supposed to be admiration.

The spokesman for Dental Care Plus Implant Centres continues: 'The study suggests women only get one compliment from their partners each day - and it is easy to understand why.

'Most men probably live in fear of getting it wrong, and so don’t bother trying to be nice.

'Men just need to think more about how to deliver a compliment, so that it doesn’t get misunderstood.

'For example women would love to hear that they have beautiful natural looking teeth, or an awesome smile, but might not be so keen for people to acknowledge obvious dental work or teeth whitening.'

But the survey shows a whopping 87 per cent of men reckon they do regularly compliment their partners - offering up to three every day.

And when it comes to what men like to see on a woman, the biggest turn off for 38 per cent is food stuck in between in their teeth.

A further 37 per cent don’t like women to over-do it on the fake tan, while 37 per cent hate girls to wear too much make up.

A quarter of men polled don’t like gapped teeth as sported by celebrities such as Madonna and Vanessa Paradis.

Top Ten Nicest Compliments
1. You look like you’ve lost weight
2. You have a nice smile
3. You smell nice
4. Nice hair
5. That dress really suits you
6. That colour really suits you
7. Love what you’re wearing
8. Your eyes are pretty
9. You look slim
10. You look gorgeous

Top Ten Worst Compliments
1. You look tired
2. You look under the weather
3. You look well
4. You have put some weight on
5. You look just like your dad / mum
6. You don’t look as bad as I thought
7. You’re not as stupid as you look
8. You look less tired today
9. You have very large features
10. You’re quite broad aren’t you

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