A new report from Rent.com, has narrowed down the 10 best cities in the country for newlyweds.

The online rental housing listing site took a number of variables into consideration when identifying the top cities for newlyweds -- including cost of living, mean annual income and the unemployment rate, among other factors.

The website also surveyed couples about what it was like to combine households after getting hitched, and found that among the 1,000 cohabiting adults polled, 75 percent felt their overall quality of life had improved since moving in with their significant other.

#10 Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland was chosen for its hospitality.

#9 Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C was chosen for its centrality in the nation and job availability.

#8 Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona was chosen for its foodie, family and hiking culture.

#7 Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Minnesota was chosen for its bike-friendliness.

#6 Denver
Denver, Colorado was chosen for its craft beer culture and spirit of adventure.

#5 Houston
Houston, Texas was chosen for its rich cultural offerings (including museums, galleries and farmer's markets).

#4 Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri was chosen for its plethora of historical sites and affordability.

#3 Dallas
Dallas, Texas was chosen for its lively sports community.

#2 Raleigh/Durham
Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina was for its affordability and friendliness to young families.

#1 Austin
Austin, Texas was chosen primarily for its vibrant arts scene.

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