Flying is -- how can we say this? -- a very personal experience. Or, at least, as personal as one can get while rocketing through the sky while stuffed in a metal tube with dozens of other people, many of whom are sweaty.

A new study, however, claims to have found the best seat on the plane, that one seat that combines maximum comfort with convenience, and lessens the possibility of a stress-induced mid-flight mental breakdown.

That seat is 6A.

Skyscanner, a flight comparison website, asked 1000 people about their air travel preferences and combined the results to find that one seat that's just right. According to the study, 45% of people prefer the first few rows of seats -- a no-brainer, since those lucky few get to board and de-plane first.

Surprisingly, people also seem to prefer a window seat, like our lucky 6A. Of those polled, 60% liked a perch with a view, as opposed to 40% who preferred the aisle. To the less-than 1% of folks who said they like the middle seat: There may be something wrong with you.

So what's the worst seat in the house? 31E, according to the study, a middle seat near the back of the plane which gives you no easy bathroom access, no easy sleep, and a long wait for food and drinks. Happy travels, 31E!
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