Sometimes even crack researchers like ourselves fail to parse the Internet's hidden virtues. In other words, we have no idea what's going on at one of the weirdest of Japanese websites.

It's called Bijin-Tokei, which the site's English "translation" helpfully explains is "1 min automatic update site." The site and downloadable apps present a new photo every 60 seconds, featuring a Japanese model holding up the correct time.

About the only other information on the page is a set of biographical stats for each girl. One of them is named Cats. We're not making this up -- although you'll have to wait until sometime between 11:30 and 11:48 to fact-check our work. Oh, and she is a student, 158 centimeters tall, and her blood type is AB.

(In Japan, matching and specific blood types are considered a sign of relationship compatibility. Type AB, according to Wikipedia and crazy people who actually believe this garbage, means you are "cool, controlled, rational.")

Sadly, especially for the girl described as size "B:88 W:57 H:85 (-cup)," they're all wearing far too much clothing for this to even garner an "Is it porn?" post.

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