Facebook’s mindshare of popular culture and it’s goal of world domination is now becoming apparent …don’t laugh, I am sure that a Facebook TV channel is not far away, a movie about Facebook is about to be released and I am sure thatbranded pens and cups are also around the corner!!

Farmville is the maybe the most loved and hated game on Facebook but that is another story. Most of you who read this will be on Facebook and may want to bore your friends and colleagues at your next dinner party or water cooler meeting with some trivia.. here is your chance.

1. Al Pacino’s face was on the original Facebook homepage
2. One early Facebook function was a file sharing service
3. The first “Work Networks” as well as the original educational networks included Apple and Microsoft
4. The meaning of the term poke has never been defined
5. The average Facebook user has 130 friends
6. There is an ‘App’ to see what’s on the Facebook cafe menu
7. Mark Zuckerburg (CEO of Facebook) calls himself a “Harvard Graduate” when in fact he didn’t graduate (apparently his reply is that “there isn’t a setting for dropout”)
8. California is huge on Facebook with over 15 million users (41% of the population)
9. Australian’s spend more time per month on Facebook than any other country at over 7 hours on average
10. A Facebook employee hoodie sold for $4,000 on eBay
11. Facebook has over 500 million users
12. Facebook has added over 400 million users in less than 2 years
13. If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest
14. Facebook was initially bank-rolled by Peter Thiel the co-founder of PayPal for $500,000
15. Facebook was almost shut down by a lawsuit by ConnectU who claimed that Zuckerburg stole the idea and Technology for Facebook (the issue was settled out of court)
16. 50% of users are on the site every day
17. 70% of users live outside the USA
18. Facebook is available in 70 different languages
19. It is the second biggest website by traffic behind Google and YouTube
20. Yahoo offered Facebook $1 billion which Mark Zuckerburg refused
21. Facebook is now valued between $7.9 – $11 billion
22. Most Popular Facebook page is Michael Jackson (Simpsons is second)
23. Monthly time spent on Facebook is 8.3 billion hours
24. Total number of of active applications: 550,000 plus and growing daily
25. Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in the USA
26. Facebook makes money through advertising and virtual products
27. This year Facebook is on track to generate sales of over $1 billion
28. In Australia court notices can be served through Facebook
29. A Facebook court summons in Australia is considered legally binding
30. Facebook has become so popular psychologists identified a new mental health disorder “Facebook Addiction Disorder”


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  1. Ow... just knew it. Nice info :)

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