The autopsy of 5-month-old Brianna Lopez revealed she had suffered abuse most of her short life in what deputies say is one of the worst cases of child abuse they have ever seen.

Her parents are among those charged with her death.

Brianna was pronounced dead Friday morning at Memorial Medical Center after she was rushed there when attempts to revive her failed, Doa Ana County Sheriffs Sgt. Ed Miranda said.

Friday night, police arrested Briannas parents, Stephanie Lopez, 19, and Andy Walters, 21, and uncle, Steven Lopez, 19. They each are charged with child abuse resulting in death. Walters also was charged with criminal sexual penetration of the baby.

Deputies have now interviewed the six adults and two children who lived in the home with Brianna.

The autopsy revealed a long list of injuries that appeared to have been inflicted over an extended period of time upon the little girl who was born on Valentines Day.

On Monday, Miranda detailed the multiple injuries found on the babys body. He said Brianna had 11 human bite marks in varied stages of healing, multiple bruises, fractures to two right ribs, three skull fractures, swelling of the brain and signs of shaken baby syndrome. Brianna also had fractures to both legs, an injury experts say is commonly caused by picking up the child with a quick, jerking motion by the legs. Even, her uncle, Steven Lopez, and father, Andy Walters admitted that they had penetrated Brianna on several different occasions.

Brianna's dad, Andy Walters

Brianna's uncle, Steven Lopez

ps: There are no photos of baby Brianna. In the 5 months of her life, no one even cared enough to take her picture.

Timeline of events according to police documents

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2 Responses
  1. I hope that her dad and uncle shhould suffer maximum penalty. I felt sad that there are people who abuse their child until they kill them. Justice for baby Brianna.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This story has touched me in every way since the first time i heard it can't get it out of my mind it hurts me so bad i just feel love for such a beautiful range like briana. I'm sorry to say but these area the faces of baby killers. Rappists they deserve to get anal ripped apart and killed i hate them especially the mother she deserves death. What kind of mother let's their newly board child be abused like this?

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