A study conducted at the University of Rochester found that men prefer a lady in red. Just like that cheesy '80s song! Men looked at pictures of women in red and women in green. Sounds very Christmas-y. Men were more drawn to the gals in crimson. "These findings indicate that color not only has aesthetic value but can carry meaning and impact psychological functioning in subtle, important, and provocative ways," said researchers. [Times of India]

In a study by HerCampus, one-fifth of all college-aged guys think having had 10 to 20 sexual partners makes a girl a "slut." Oh no. Not this "number" business again. I'm sure the other four-fifths of the college boys were just excited to be getting laid. But the results of the study weren't all bad. Over 30 percent of the guys polled said a "number" doesn't not make a girl a "slut." []

The Kinsey Institute did a study of 1,009 heterosexual, middle-aged couples in long-term committed relationships and found that the men who were happiest in their relationships were the ones that cuddled the most. So there you have it. A cuddle a day keeps the divorce lawyers away. Men around the world just screamed when they read that sentence. If science recommends it … let's cuddle!!! [Time]

Researchers from New Zealand’s University of Wellington found that men LOVE looking at boobs. And they don't just LOVE looking at boobs. About half of the men in the study were found to look at boobs before they looked at faces. Also discovered: Most men will look at boobs longer than any other body part. The good news here is that breast size didn't matter one fig to these men. As long as you have boobs, they'll be looking. [Your Tango]

Sexy News Anchors
Two studies out of Indiana University found that when men watch sexually attractive female news anchors, they are less likely to remember the news. "Men's cognitive mechanisms favored visual over verbal processing," the study concluded. This may make it very difficult for your dude to stay informed on current events. Best switch him to news radio. [Miller-McCune]
Jerking Off
The 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior made a startling discovery about teenage boys: They love to masturbate. From the 800 teenagers, ages 14 to 17, polled, researchers found that teen boys jerk off more than teen girls masturbate, and teen boys start jerking off earlier than teen girls do. Absolutely shocking stuff. [U.S. News & World Reports]

Thanks to a study conducted by, Rutgers University and Binghamton University, we can put the myth to bed that men don't want to get married. The sample group of 5,200 singles ages 21 to 65 found that men want to tie the knot just as much as women do. "The mechanisms for attachment for men and women are exactly the same. Just as many men want to get married as women do," said one of the scientists. Not only that, but the study showed that men had a greater inclination toward parenthood. [Time]

Showing Off
A study carried out by researchers at Rice, University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Minnesota examined men's cars as they correlated to dating and relationship habits. You probably guessed that the men who bought Porsches were more interested in "short-term mating." That's the nice way of saying "casual sex." But no matter what type of car a a guy drives, the study found that men use their toys to show off for potential mates. "Just as peacocks have evolved to flaunt their wasteful tails before potential mates, men might similarly woo with wasteful expenditures to charm potential mates," said researchers.  [FOX]

Pumpkin Pie
Research has found that pumpkin pie is the scent that most enhances blood flow to the penis. “Throw away the perfume and go get some pumpkin pie,” said Dr. Alan Hirsch, Director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center. More like slather it all over your entire body.  []

No Tears
 A study found that our female tears emit signals that actually turn guys off. Male participants who sniffed “odorless tears” (do tears usually smell?) from women who cried during a sad movie had lower testosterone levels and were less sexually aroused by or attracted to the opposite sex than male participants who sniffed salt water. The explanation? Tears shed because of heightened emotion are chemically different than those that spill over when you’re, say, chopping onions.  [ABC News]

Health Insurance
According to an undeniably biased study done by, 90 percent of college students said that they would automatically find someone more attractive if he or she had one important quality … health insurance. A rare commodity indeed. Heed the call, co-eds. This may be only thing within your control when it comes to getting ahead in love.  [Consumerist]

The social network Badoo polled men in the UK and found that the majority of gentlemen prefer brunettes. About 33 per cent said they find women with brown hair the most attractive, while 29 percent were fans of black hair. Do your math. That's more than 60 percent of men who dig the dark-haired beauties. [Glamour]

Head Tilting
Researchers from University of Newcastle, Australia discovered that men are more attracted to women who give good head. I'm talking about head titlting, you dirty birds. The study indicated that a woman can make herself more attractive to the opposite sex by angling her face a certain way. Apparently, we look most “alluring” when we tilt our chins down and look up at the man. [ Telegraph]

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