Fancy living life in a bubble? How about being one with nature? What if you could do both? Enter the "bubble room". If you are in northern France, be sure not to miss the unique experience at a park in Roubaix. Imagine cuddling up with your partner in the midst of nature.

This timeless experience can be had easily - you just need to rent the room.

You get a choice of two settings - a sitting/living area and a bedroom. So you can finally have that dream candlelit dinner in the midst of trees or lie on the bed and count the stars in the sky.

Unforgettable, wouldn't it be? The "hotel" might be in a park, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have any modern amenities. A fully-loaded living area and a bedroom with a massive LED television are some of the luxuries on offer. It's the best of both worlds, the hotel promises.

What's more, its green as well. The bubble is made from recycled plastic and kept under pressure by a silent blower.,
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