Mother's Day is near, 8th May, 2011. So, let's prepare anything to surprise your mothers.

Remember, there's no perfect gift for all Moms. An ideal present sometimes takes research, cost-sharing, planning and scheming to recognize her as the greatest mother

Despite all the ad claims, there is no such thing as "the perfect Mother’s Day gift" because mothers have so many different dreams, preferences and needs. An ideal gift has to be planned and selected specifically for a particular mother.

It should should reflect love and recognize her as the world’s greatest mother with distinctive traits, wishes and needs. Ideally it should be a surprise and memorable.

First, a few don’ts:

- Don’t expect to find the ideal present in a drug store on Mother’s Day.
-, a special gift company, also warns against such negative message- carrying items as diet books, ThighMasters and elastic wasteband pants.
- Flowers and candy are still dandy, but a bit of thought can inspire something more personal and memorable to her.
- Avoid gifts associated with her work and chores.

Simple ideas to show our mothers how important they are:

1. One way to honor our mothers is by keeping them out of the kitchen for one day. A good way to do this is by taking them out to dinner or better yet by hiring a chef who can come to her house to cook her favorite dish.
2. Mothers also like to feel pretty and many times they do not have the money or the time or do not know where to go to get pampered. A certificate to a local Spa is a great gift for a mother. Ideally, she has a friend who can go with her.
3. A new dress is always a good gift for a mother. If not knowing the size or what she likes is an issue, then get her a certificate to a store she likes.
4. Big families can show tribute to their mothers by getting all together for a surprise dinner.
5. Many mothers never go any where. A surprise weekend trip to the Bahamas would be a pleasant surprise that they will always remember.

The Best Gift May Be Sharing High Quality Time With Her

Sometimes the best gift is not a thing, but some high quality time.
- Arrange a family luncheon, dinner or outing. There are few things that mothers like more than a gathering of their loved ones in a celebration setting. Build it around a theme and a presentation. Encourage family members and friends to stand up and recall precious moments or memories. Give her a corsage.
- Visit her. This is especially appreciated if she lives in a different city. Bring the grandchildren. Bring the girlfriend or boyfriend to dinner, assuming Mom will like her or him.
- Finally, and this one requires plenty of advance planning: Announce the coming of a grandchild. Mothers love grandchildren.

Any of these gifts will have her looking forward to next year’s surprise.,
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