Wanda Matthews in her pink bedroom which she converted because of her love of the colour

Wanda Matthews, 20, loved pink from a young age – and, as soon as she moved into her own place, she set about transforming it.

Her bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and children’s playroom are a candy-coloured testament to her passion for pink, with everything from the carpets, wallpaper, furniture and bedding in varying shades of the rosy hue.

Wanda Matthews in her pink kitchen

The mother of two, from Bolton, wears something pink every day from her pink wardrobe, and even her kitchen has a pink kettle, toaster, pots and pans.

She only buys pink cleaning products, listens to a pink iPod and makes calls on her pink mobile. Her young daughters have happily fitted in with the colour scheme, wearing pink clothes and playing with pink toys.

‘You could describe it as over the top. Some people think it’s a bit much but I don’t care – I’ve always loved pink,’ she said.

Her family are used to her fixation but she admits it has left boyfriend Danny, 24, a little bemused.

But it’s too late to stop her now – and there’s always something more to do.

‘I’m looking for some pink wood-paint to do my garden fence with and I’ve found this special heat-proof pink paint for the oven,’ she said.

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  1. When Manda obsessed with pink, my mom obssesed with green but thank God our house wall still white. hahahahaha..

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